Reuse, Recycle & Refurbish?  The Pawning Planners “Flip” Bartered Items For A Profit…

Tomorrow I’m delivering two beautiful Queen Anne chairs that I took in trade last year for event services at a wedding.  Cindy and I always look forward to meeting buyers and can’t wait to see where Cynthia will be using these beauties!  

The original upholstery was mauve and ripped to pieces with foam that had seen better days too so I stripped them completely.  Choosing a coordinating welt and contrasting band brought the beauty back to this set.  

Customers who purchase furniture from me are always thrilled and this sale is a referral from Ann Marie who bought a beautiful Chippendale sofa two years ago and still raves about having something she will never find anywhere else.  My designs are “different” because I like funky & eccentric mixes with a lot of personality!

 My history in upscale furniture sales spans 20 years and I’m primarily interested in the structure of furniture not the condition since I will strip, stain and reupholster the item (or items) anyway.  I’m never satisfied with upholstered pieces and prefer to replace everything myself including the foam and occasionally the springs in antique pieces.

Willow Lake Event Center
Every family that books through The Pawning Planners lack funding to book through Texas Twins Events so finding a way to help them took time and creativity.  

A few days ago, I was contacted to refer a photographer who’s sister owns a venue in Azle.  Cindy and I drove out to take a look prior to seeing their pricing.  I don’t refer a venue unless I’ve been there and evaluated the pros and cons myself.  

Referrals can bite back if you aren’t sure of the business so I’m really picky about promoting a brand or business not affiliated with myself or my team.  The location was very hard to get to so access was a problem and the beautiful Deer Cove is right down the road with far more amenities and lower pricing.  I was a little shocked to find that 2 hours runs $2k based on the location.  

The photographer had no portfolio AND wanted $1800 so I called her knowing she hadn’t researched myself or my businesses to give her a better idea of my client base who could never afford $1800.  

After a lengthy conversation that included asking where she had “come up with her pricing,” I suggested volunteering to get some experience and lowering prices.  

For some reason, everyone wants to enjoy the ride on high priced event services without understanding the market or the competition.  

My client base isnt directly targeted to rich or poor because I wanted to help the “loophole clients” who had nowhere to turn.  My intention has never been to “price guage” anyone.

I’m on staff and on call at numerous venues in the area and event owners often work with me and clients because they are knowledgable about my client base that often includes military members.  

Since I’m always surprised when a new business goes on the high end and then reaches out to me to promote their business “because I’m all over the Internet,” it should be noted that I worked my way here-I didn’t call or email other vendors asking them to promote me but, on average 5-10 venue operators and photographers ask me for help every week.  

This is a “scratch my back business” and I’m happy to work with you but not for you.  If I don’t know anything about you though, I’m not going to refer you.

I answer a lot of questions about bartering from companies who don’t understand how we get paid.  The truth is that “getting paid” or making a good profit when furniture is involved takes time and an out of pocket investment.  

Flipping cars, boats & jewelry can be far less expensive but most of my profits are from furniture because I take the time and use the finest fabric-occasionally, it takes money to make money.

In 2009, I opened an eBay store and began selling items-the rest is history because a few years later, I started Texas Twins Events and worked events while selling items I found on Craigslist or yard sales after refurbishing them to fund my initial business.  

Website development and advertising along with other expenses can often “make or break a new business” but, I’ve never been a quitter and used profits from my unique designs to get Texas Twins Events up and going.  

Over the past 6-7 years, I’ve had several questions about my initial venture and will answer them for other entrepenuers who want to expand and rebrand but have cold feet regarding getting started.

Why are you passionate enough to work for free?  Well, when I started Texas Twins Events, I needed experience and creative content in order to start my blog and stay on top of search engines.  I often volunteered in order to have plenty of experience and took tips in lieu of traditional price structures.  I wanted all the experience I could get and was willing to work for free to earn an education in the wedding and events industry.  Not everyone is as driven as I am but when I get involved in anything, I go “all in!”

How did you decide to merge Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners?  Well, I had a family that had no money and wanted to offer something of value.  The item they suggested didn’t work but we settled on an antique wagon and I decided that since I had been selling on eBay for years that I would start taking trades and The Pawning Planners was born.  It “just happened” like many things do.  Ebay gave me an outlet to sell items and when you take trades-you need an outlet to sell them.  

My husband and I have been discussing whether to eventually have a storefront or venue for several years but are leaning towards eventually expanding my business towards a venue since we already have a staff to operate with.  

Texas Twins Events will eventually be a brick and mortar location with 3-5 officiants, planners and photographers.  My long term goal will compliment my existing business since Texas Twins Events is already well established, we will build on that fan base and eventually use profits from a venue to generate income for a Texas Twins Treasures storefront because the need for options regarding Pawning Planners clients will always exist.

 Why does your entire family work with you at events?  Well, initially I asked my twin sister to join me at events because I needed photos to go with my blogs and had no way of officiating and doing photography myself and needed an assistant.  Over time, clients requested our twin granddaughters to be in their wedding as flower girls, ring bearers and ushers. 

My son and his wife joined to handle photography and Cindy became the friendly entertainer on location.  My niece, Stephaney is bilingual so she joined us and my other niece Leigh Ann is a wedding singer.  

My niece, step daughter and son also work as officiants since when I started taking trades my client base boomed.  It takes a village to address a diverse client base and we often “split up” and work several events in different locations.

Why do you loan bouquets and other items to your clients? Pawning Planners clients are often unable to provide the “extras.”  Creating an inventory in order to loan items to clients was an expensive venture but my inventory is loaned to 75% of clients booking through The Pawning Planners. 

 How can you afford to sponsor families when they have no money or trade?  Well, I decided to create Pawning Planners Apparel to “fill the gap” and our clothing line features my saucy sisters #RedneckReality Quotes aka #Cindyism because we’ve found that people love her wisdom and humor and the idea of helping families who have no money by purchasing our items. 

If we needed to work for free-we did but finding a way to fund families helped us more than we expected it to with sales exceeding my expectations due completely to my sisters saucy whit and flair for words.  Cindy is never speechless!  Pawning Planners Apparel created another avenue to raise money for the clients we chose to sponsor out of pocket.

 You provide complimentary photography? No wedding vendor does that!  Well, I don’t compete with other vendors and when clients cannot afford photography- we volunteer photography services.  Going the extra mile earns you business.

You and your twin are on a weight loss journey and blatantly honest about your pitfalls and successes.  Why did you decide to change your lifestyles?  We are photographed frequently on location and we’re both unhappy with our weight but spent 5 years establishing our businesses and put everything else on the “back burner” until we reached a place where we could finally focus on ourselves.  We spend a lot of time commuting to Appraisal Appointments and events so fast food was convenient.  

We are both in menopause and I’m a survivor of thyroid cancer so working out was the only way we were going to lose weight as a TwinTeam.  Our mini me twins have joined us and we are all working towards a goal of being fit and trim for Twinsfest this year.


Most wedding vendors are afraid to advertise to the LBGTQ community but you aren’t-why?  Half of my business from The Pawning Planners and Texas Twins Events are LBGTQ couples and I’m proud of the fact that many  of our friends are LBGTQ and I believe in Unity Within My Community as do my family.   

Do you think your background in upscale furniture, automobile and brand promotion gave you insights on buying trends and helped you appraise items or “know the market?”  Absolutely, my sister and I have sold everything under the sun over our careers and have always excelled at selling.  Establishing a relationship with a client or buyer is essential to earning their trust.  These days, I’ve experienced so many in the sales field that have not taken the time to understand the product they are selling well enough to sell it.  Building a relationship and properly “pitching a product” has become so outdated these days that it’s no wonder why people research the Internet in order to educate themselves.  

Buying something is an important decision and trusting whoever is selling it is essential to “making a deal.”  I’m old school- I send thank you cards and follow up with clients because I value their referrals and have neve been afraid to go above and beyond to earn their business.

You consider  just about any request-why?  Everyone is different and my client base is diverse.  If someone comes to me with a creative request, I’m intigued and excited about doing something new and different as is my team.

Texas Prison Weddings? How did that come into play?  I’m open minded and a request for an Officiant in a Prison came across my desk.  I went through the background check and added Prison Weddings to our list of services.  Love Is Love and whether it’s Love After Lockup or not, every marriage is different. 

You spend a lot of time with your family and occasionally field arguments-how hard is that to do?  My son thinks he’s the best photographer and so does my daughter in law.  Petty arguments and disagreements are part of working with your family- resolving arguments is never easy but it’s essential to our success.

Did you ever think that taking trades would be as successful as it is in your journey?  No.  I assumed that my business would increase by 10-20% but never 30-40% but a struggling economy surprised my expectations.

Your adventure to change the wedding and events industry has put you in front of hundred  of families are you ever nervous?  I am always nervous because I shoot for perfection and am OCD.  I worry all the time but my sister never worries- she loves a party and meeting new people. We make a good team and laugh a lot together.

You aren’t afraid to do anything are you?  No.  If you never try-you will never win…I was willing to fail in order to succeed.  Rebranding and expanding to include Texas Prison Wedding or barter for event services sounded “different” to our competitors because it was.  

Finding ways to fund events for hundreds of families wasn’t easy or inexpensive.  We have never turned anyone away regardless of how different or unique their request for services was or their ability to pay or barter for services.

Appraisal Appointments helped “weed out” the clients who claimed they had nothing of value but when you’ve sponsored hundreds of families out of pocket, you need to figure out who is being honest about their situation AND who isn’t.  

By going into clients homes, Cindy & I had far more information about their situation and whether they could pay for services through Texas Twins Events or barter through The Pawning Planners or even benefit from event services sponsored by us.  We spent years working for free before expanding to take trades.  

Wendy M Wortham

Treasure Hunting & Splitting My Team Up-Travels Of The Texas Twins…

Packing, Planning and Preparation went into this weeks scheduling with my niece Leigh Ann singing at a wedding in San Antonio and my photography team headed to Austin for a wedding. During wedding season, my team of family members often “split up.”

Robert & Stephanie Hafele-Photographers For Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners
  Robert and Stephanie have completely different styles of shooting photos.  Stephanie will take hundreds of shots to keep from missing anything but my son will walk away with a handful of photos because he’s very picky about his photography.  Together though, they make a good team because their photos are incredibly different giving me a wide scale of shots. 
Meanwhile, Cindy and I started our morning with two Appraisal Appointments this week and a client meeting regarding a May wedding in Fort Worth.  This wedding should be interesting because the ceremony will be in the front yard with the reception in the back yard!  

Leigh Ann took the twins with her to babysit Madyson in San Antonio with a day of fun yesterday at Fiesta Texas.  Maryssa and Makenna love spending time with our Latest a Little Pawner, Madyson.

Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney
Maryssa & Madyson
#GirlTrip Makenna, Madyson, Leigh Ann & Maryssa “Hit The Road!”
Latest Little Pawner Madyson Makes An Impression With The Mariachi Band
Cindy and I found a few items that will be listed in the next few weeks but they need extensive refurbishing in my workroom (as usual). 
Stripping and restaining (or painting) furniture often take me several days and humidity can be a real setback on timelines.

I’m Planning To Use Turquoise Chalk Paint & Antique This Piece
After Scrubbing The Rust Off, This Will Be A Festive Sparkled Cherry Red
I’m Undecided On This But Will Decide After Finding New Pulls To Replace Missing Parts
A Quick Dusting & Leather Conditioner Will Bring This Back To Life
Luckily, we were able to use our SUV’s to transport items back to my workroom and storage area.  When possible, we try to keep from renting a box truck due to the expenses involved that affect our “bottom line.”  

I decided to “take a pass” on the seahorse birdbath due to the weight of the item and also the low value of flipping it.  Saying no to a few flips and flops is part of the Pawning Process. Flipping furniture takes time which is why I uploaded this video to walk you through the process-Wendy Wortham Explains Timelines On Furniture Restoration.

 This item was simply too heavy and bulky and at best would bring $15-$20 so it wasn’t worth the time or trouble to take it in trade.  The client placed the value at $90-$125 since she had paid that over 16 years ago but clients often want far more for their items than the actual value and convincing them of this can be a bit of a problem now and then.  Conflict resolution comes in handy when it’s something that we can’t work with but we often find something else on location.

The twins decided to keep the “old school” Atari Game System they found at an Appraisal Appointment last week after their friends told them what a cool system it was-it’s funny how things that are old and outdated can make a come back years later.  The twins love digging for treasure as much as we do at Appraisal Appointments.

Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney Work For Tips & Flips As Flower Girls, Ring Bearers & Ushers At Our Events
I’m often asked how I “come up” with my unique blend of fabric and upholstery combinations, the truth is that I try to work with upholstery that I have on hand and occasionally, buy or barter additional fabric as needed.  Years ago, I mixed fabrics to save money by working with what I had but my designs became so popular that I’ve “stuck with” the concept.

My designs are different intentionally- I create pieces you don’t see everywhere and love using a reverse pattern on cushions with a contrast welt and band.  I want every furniture design to have a personality that sets it apart and makes the piece unique.

I may spend a few days deciding on which fabrics I think will look best and always use a black magic marker to remember which fabric goes where.  

Occasionally, I change my mind as I did on this unique chair.  The polka dot was used on a Berger chair instead because I felt it distracted from the main pattern.  The Berger chair was also stripped because I wasn’t happy with the blue and changed it to the paisley and Leopardo gold.

  Normally, I spend 2-3 days a week in my workroom and enjoy “playing around” with fabrics and stains.  Finished items look nothing like they did when I acquired them and even my home is “eclectic” with mismatched pieces because I don’t like “matchy matchy” designs. 

Maryssa & Makenna At My Home AKA WorthamWorld
Cindy and I look for completely different things at Appraisal Appointments because my sister likes to “quick flip” a trade while I enjoy spending more time on items and investing in the process.  
My storefront offers a true hodge podge of items including previously worn vestments and clothing items-Texas Twins Treasures-Visit My Treasure Chest. 

We never really know what we will find unless the client uploads photos at We Take Trades-The Pawning Planners site.  I use heavy tapestry fabrics on all of my pieces because they are durable and long lasting although they can sometimes be harder to work with, any Texas Twins Treasures furniture item will last and last because I don’t “cheap out” when it comes to restoring an item.

Explaining how the “Pawning Process” works can be confusing.  It’s not unusual to review emails from folks who think we own a Pawn Shop- we don’t.  The name “Pawning Planners” describes flipping, swapping & trading in exchange for event services and we are actually bartering not buying your items.

Three years ago while having coffee, my son decided to use this video to explain what we do to a friend after admitting that  describing my businesses can often be confusing-Wendy & Cindy-What We Do And How We Do It-The Pawning Planners.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me via a Wendy Wortham Website or via email at we appreciate your business and continued support.

Wendy M Wortham


Is Everyone A Comedian Around Here? Kids, Chaos & Barters…

Yesterday my son called me about trading his sofa and love seat for a multi unit entertainment seating sofa.  He had located it on a new app called 5 miles and was planning to drive over an hour to go “trade out.”  I asked if he was taking a blue light to check for bed bugs since Cindy and I always do prior to shaking hands on a trade.  

Knowing my opinion would be trumped by Stephanie, I told Cindy that she had once again “nailed it” with her favorite #Cindyism Quote “Not my luggage- Not my trip!” After viewing photos of a sofa that had seen better days, my suggestion was to keep looking.

Maryssa Mahaney-Modeling For Texas Twins Treasures
 Believe it or not- we’ve turned down a trade that had fleas or bedbugs more than once.  Checking furniture prior to bartering is as important as knowing the value of your trade or the value of whatever you’re trading.

Compensating personalities extend beyond my twin sister and our twin granddaughters.  My entire team have their own views and opinions but Cindy and I are a unique blend of Serious & Silly that this blog explain-Wendy And Cindy- Twin Sisters With A Twist!

All of our kids have a cynical sense of humor and it’s usually directed at each other.  Occasionally, this cynicism is directed at Cindy or I.  My son didn’t want “furniture from the 1800’s like at your house.” 

Smiles Everyone-Robert & Stephanie Hafelr With Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney
 Well parents- we may want to start liquidating our homes before we die because I’ve got a feeling my son won’t be interested in my home furnishings!  Chances are that your children won’t want your treasured heirlooms either which is why we stay busy with Estate Liquidation Services year round.

I’m not a big fan of those sofas with drink holders and probably not the best person to give an opinion but since I was babysitting Madyson while Leigh Ann went to get her nails done, told him to come over for lunch and help me move the beautiful recliner I had bartered to replace the ratty and embarrassing recliner my husband adores and while I had effectively “lost the battle,” I needed my son’s help to move it downstairs.  My son didn’t like the beautiful leather recliner either- I must be the only one with good taste around here.

Dang it- I wish this beautiful recliner would’ve replaced my husbands ugly one but I was foiled again at my attempt to get rid of the only piece of ugly furniture we own!

I know a “good flip” when I see one so trying to get Matthew out of his junky recliner and knowing the possibly of him not going for it- this beautiful Drexel Heritage piece will be listed at Texas Twins Treasures and most likely will sell quickly.

A few weeks ago, Cindy and I thought a faux LV purse was authentic- it wasn’t.  Everyday is a learning curve for The Pawning Planners ya all.

The Bartering Business is not without risk.  If you don’t know the value of what you are trading for, you could easily lose money and on a few occasions, I have!  The fur coat flop wound up costing me nearly $400 in event services when I traded for what I believed to be a fox fur coat that turned out to be beaver. 

Wendy Wortham Modeling For Texas Twins Treasures
 Then there was the infamous trade for a passenger mirror at the junkyard in exchange for a wedding ceremony that “looked like a good deal” until I was driving down the highway and the mirror fell off. 

Matthew Wortham- Mr Fix It At WorthamWorld
My husband quickly grabbed the duct tape and “hooptie repaired” the mirror portion until I could order a replacement on eBay. Driving to an Appraisal Appointment with my homemade mirror was pretty embarrassing but it worked! 

Matthew & Wendy Wortham
 Duct tape is a staple at events and our homes.  Cindy’s husband uses it for nearly everything too and I once used duct tape for a rope to tie down the back of my SUV to haul a sofa home that I took in trade and sold less than a day later because I know a treasure when I see one.  

But, on occasion, I underestimate the cost to refurbish items like the two beautiful Queen Anne accent chairs listed in my Texas Twins Treasures inventory.  Foam and fill aren’t cheap either so when you add upholstery and labor–occasionally, your “flip becomes a flop!” 

 After looking at the photos of the sofa my son wanted to trade for, I tried to talk him out of it but his wife, Stephanie, had decided that when they moved last month- their old loveseat and sofa would stay in the garage so my son was anxious to get something for the living room and make Stephanie happy.  What else is new?  

My taste and my daughter in law’s never mimick each other and although my husband rarely challenges my ideas on home furnishings, his ratty recliner has been a fixture in our home for years.  I’ve tried everything to get rid of it.

A few years ago, the Little Pawners wanted hover boards and we worked a deal by paying half and trading the balance to get them the one thing they wanted for Christmas.   

Maryssa & Makenna At WorthamWorld
Within a month, they decided that their bikes were far more fun and the hover boards can be found under tables or beds- discarded.  The twins had fun with them but let’s face it, the hover boards were a fad that quickly lost the spark.

While Robert was eating lunch and asking about our scheduled events, he asked about Leigh Ann and why we were babysitting. I knew that telling him she was getting her hair or nails done would get me an eye roll but “threw it out there” anyhow! 

Madyson had been having a great time running around and chasing Foxy Wortham and was taking a nap on my ottoman when my son asked (again) how long Leigh Ann planned to stay home and, if she planned to join us at events since “Leigh Ann has hardly attended any events with us in the last 6 years and I think it’s a little late to be part of the team.”  

My son and his wife have traveled here, there and everywhere since I started Texas Twins Events and are constantly complaining that Leigh Ann is on my websites without “earning the privledge.” 

 The battles between my son, his wife, my niece and her sister continue to be a problem for Cindy and I.  My recent blogs give you an “inside look” at the problems Cindy faces with both of her adult children and all three of her grandchildren under one roof-Five Female Fighting? The DanielDiva Diaries. 

 My sister gets some of her best #Cindyism quotes from the family conflict that her boomerang kids bring.  For over a year Cindy enjoyed the “empty nest” lifestyle of having only her twin granddaughters and husband at home.  Although Cindy and I often laugh about the drama, sometimes Cindy cries about the stress of trying to keep everyone happy except herself.

About the only time my twin sister is “care free” is when she is with me.  Her home life has her husband asking where this or that is while her adult children argue in the hallway and her grandchildren need her attention.  

My twin sister is effectively “torn in every direction” and overwhelmed because the only help she gets with housecleaning and laundry comes from me.  She needs a break from the drama that a visit to my home (ratty recliner and all) bring.

 We “keep it calm” at WorthamWorld and have a drama-free zone.  In fact, when my son or nieces come over, we don’t allow bickering or backtalking from them regarding so and so or whatever the topic may be regarding their “snarky siblings!”

Cindy and Stephanie Hafele (my daughter in law) have not been speaking to each other since their argument prior to my sons move.  This conflict makes everyone uncomfortable!  

Thank Goodness the battle at HafeleHouse happened after the holidays because everyone comes to my home for celebrations and this rift would make my drama free zone a war zone!

Another issue is traveling to events which are normally in my 6 passenger SUV.  Cindy doesn’t want Stephanie in my SUV and Stephanie doesn’t want Cindy in my SUV.  

Normally when there is a falling out around here- I’m the fixer but Stephanie is a self proclaimed “princess” and the argument was based on everyone packing, moving and cleaning HafeleHouse except Stephanie!  

My friend Angela was with Cindy and I packing and cleaning while my son was at work and his wife laying on the bed and my sister “lost it” and gave her a piece of her mind.  Two months later, the “war” wages on. 

The problem is that I have upcoming events scheduled and my son and his wife normally handle the photography.  Since Cindy and Stephanie aren’t speaking- my sister has decided that she will do photos with my son and “to leave Stephanie at home.” What is a mother to do when everyone refuses to get along around here?!

I’ve got to admit that on occassion, some of the bickering and jabbing are based on truth because we have a few Inlaws and Outlaws ourselves around here and I’m fairly certain that my daughter in law deliberately found a new home thirty minutes from me.  Their previous home was three blocks away and the term “Meddling Mother” was created for me by my daughter in law!

For the past two months, my daughter in law has complained about “not being invited” to events when she saw a post of us at a wedding, birthday party or other event on FB. 

A Family Event Without All Of My Family? Yes, It Happens
Stephanie considers herself to be “the best photographer on the team.”  However, Cindy was the first photographer for Texas Twins Events and my son really enjoys working as a photographer for me.  All three of them do a good job with photos and although I try to “mend this broken fence,” I’m not a magician.
Getting Stephanie to apologize to Cindy “might” fix things but Stephanie thinks Cindy needs to apologize for calling her lazy- this will never happen!  Cindy has the perfect #Cindyism to sum up Stephanie- “Just like a blister, showing up after all the work is done!”

A few months ago at the Carswell AFB wedding, Stephanie said she could’ve done a better job but the truth is lighting was a problem and although we had two racks of rolling lights, the Tarmac was fairly dark and I thought my son did a great job handling photography with Cindy doing the video. 


It’s easy to say you could do a better job when you weren’t there to do it!

Since my upcoming bookings include phototography, I’m at my wits end (similar to Cindy and her house full of relatives) to “fix up” an argument that happened months ago.

Meanwhile, Leigh Ann and her best friend, Luke are fighting again after their Valentine’s Day Fiasco! The problem?  They are both somewhat selfish and get along for a few weeks then stop speaking for a few months.  This weird friendship has my entire family scratching their heads!  We all get along with Luke-why can’t Leigh Ann?

But, back to that sofa swap.  I told Robert that it wasn’t an even trade based on the photos.  As usual, Stephanie disagreed and “the deal was sealed.”

Trying to get our kids to listen and get along isn’t easy and I’m hoping Cindy and Stephanie can work things out but, not counting on it…

Wendy M Wortham

Here, There & Everywhere-Two Sets Of Twins Travel Baby! 

I get some of my best laughs every morning while sipping my coffee and reviewing messages through my websites.  Why?  Well, I usually call Cindy and “go over” them while laughing together at some of the questions we receive.  

I drive approximately 200-300 miles a week traveling to Appraisal Appointments & Client Meetings so Cindy and I spend a lot of time together.

Today we will go over why every event isn’t at a venue, why the chairs don’t match and why we sponsor certain families that meet my criteria at Appraisal Appointments- pack your sense of humor for this blog ya all! 

Meeting clients can often be an eye opener because we have no idea what they are like and more importantly if they will have an inlaw or outlaw making outrageous demands.  First meetings are like first dates, so I recently published a blog to give you a better idea-Client Meetings & Blind Dates? Wendy Wortham Explains.

Why is it so hard to convince people that I don’t provide chairs at an event?  As a wedding officiant and coordinator,  my “job is to show up and officiate or orchestrate the event.”  

Loaning flowers, the cake stand, serving set, toasting glasses and photography and even on occasion- the clothes for a ceremony should be going above and beyond but for some families, “too much is never enough” as a few of the videos on location will show you today.  Cindy loves the spontaneity of a video at client meetings because people are unpredictable.  

Our busiest days of the week are weekdays to meet clients and appraise items.  Weekends are often “reserved for events.”  Six years after starting Texas Twins Events, both of our suv’s have logged over 125k miles each driving to clients homes and events.

Cindy Daniel At A Wedding Reception In The Front Yard? Sure Because The Location Was Free!
Why does your twin video everything?  I just saw your YouTube channel and watched a video that seemed like she was talking to the viewer and it was hilarious!  Cindy is often the “buffer” on location and “buddies up” with whoever appears to be bringing the drama-Cindy Knows Who The Inlaws & Outlaws Are While Laughing Because She Knows What Buttons Are Going To Get Pushed Around Here!

This video taken prior to the chair “argument” involved dirt (we were at a park) and railroad tracks (the mother in law didn’t like them)  as well as no one in the wedding party moving as I attempted to orchestrate the procession.  Cindy pointedly videotapes the feet of a group ignoring instructions and deciding to argue with each other to give you a better idea of on site conflict-Why Isn’t Anyone Listening?

Amazingly, after a two hour rehearsal (they normally take 30-45 minutes) this family did manage to get their walk in order and even shake off the attitude for this wedding.  

However, what wasn’t on video was me addressing the group regarding chairs and advising them of a refund while wishing them “luck” finding another wedding officiant willing to provide everything that I was at no additional cost.  Sometimes a “wake up” call is in order and I’m happy to make that call when family members make my “job” impossible by continuing to argue or make suggestions causing conflict.

My twin sister loves it when I’m shocked about someone asking for something and assuming that I provide everything.  Just when I think I’m un- shockable something new pops up on location.

Why don’t the chairs at your events match?  Well, if I’m in a park, barn, backyard or north forty- I don’t provide the chairs, the guests bring their own. 

I saw photos of a pretty nice venue- do you offer that at no cost?  No.  The photos of me at events inside a building or gazebo were rented by the couple and I’m also on staff at Belltower Chapel & Garden.  Anytime you see Cindy or I at a building- the client booked through Texas Twins Events Budget Friendly Event Services. 

Wendy Wortham Belltower Chapel
Ann Alexander & Wendy Wortham Carswell AFB
Wendy Wortham On Location Carswell AFB
Wendy Wortham Wedding Rehearsal Burleson, Texas
Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel Willow Lake Event Center
Wedding Rehearsal Belltower Chapel
Wedding Couple Denton, Texas
Wendy Wortham Directing A Wedding Rehearsal

Do you loan money on my item and offer event services at no cost too?  No.  We do not loan money and provide free services.  I’m not a fairy Godmother, items taken in trade are bartered not pawned.  The Pawning Planners take items in trade in exchange for event services and later sell them to recover costs associated with your event.  You don’t get items back because you are bartering (in lieu of paying) for services. 

Wendy Wortham-Wedding In My Home AKA WorthamWorld
Why do you have weddings in your home and why can’t I have more than 10 guests?  Well, although my home is fairly large, I have private areas that are not open to the public.  I never planned on having weddings in my home.  The truth is that this luxury is available to Texas Twins Events clientsas a courtesy when clients can’t find a location.

The cake and champagne elopement package with complimentary photos has “up front” expenses that must be paid at the time of booking. 

Pawning Planners can request the Elopement Package but they must meet the one month prior to the event deadline by submitting their trade and meeting us due to the timeline necessary to refurbish and sell their item to fund expenses.

Some of your clients “look country” while others look “sophisticated” and it appears that you have a lot of LBGT couples.  What percentage of your client base is LBGT because I’m not comfortable with your affiliation.  Well, I’m going to suggest that if you have a problem with my client base that you should book with someone else!  Nearly half of my client base are LBGT couples and they are some of my favorite couples who appreciate what we do and often refer their friends and families to us. 

 We often have no idea from one week to the next where our journey will take us.  We do know that several stops to Planet Fitness will be “thrown into the mix” as we round out our fifth month of a weight loss journey that has had a few “setbacks & successes.”

It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, we filmed this update on our weight loss journey-Wendy and Cindy Have Had A Few Ups And Downs On Our Weight Loss Journey.  

How do you know what you are looking for at an Appraisal Appointment?  We don’t.  Occasionally at Appraisal Appointments & Estate Liquidations, items of value are often hidden-Two Sets Of Twins-The Pawning Planners Search For Texas Twins Treasures On Location.

I was just on your Texas Twins Treasures website and noticed that you don’t ship furniture-why not?  Well, most consumers don’t have a clue regarding packaging and shipping large items that’s why.  If you want to hire a freight company- we are happy to meet them at our location but be advised that packaging items is at the buyers expense along with freight fees.  Local pickup in Fort Worth, Texas is always available however.

Why can’t you just deliver the item?  I’m only a few hours away in Oklahoma.  Well, this question reminds me of last weeks “I need you to bring a truck and sell my storage items because I really need the money” email.  Box trucks aren’t free and we are often busy at Appraisal Appointments and events making money.  If you want to pay us to deliver your item, we will consider “working a delivery into our schedule” but remember, nothing is free for us and it isn’t free to you either.  We are not a non profit business and already donate to numerous charitable organizations so free delivery is “off the table.” 

Texas Twins Events Team- Robert Hafele, Alex Blais, Leigh Ann Blais, Stephanie Hafele
Robert & Stephanie Hafele On Location At A Wedding
Why are some of your photos in black and white while others are in color?  Lighting.  When we can’t get a “good shot” in the dark, we often change it to black and white for a clearer photo. 

Wedding At A Restaurant? Why Not?
Wedding In The Park With Pawning Planners Couple
With My Daughter In Law- Stephanie Hafele Wedding Rehearsal At Dallas Aquarium

What made you decide to help people with no money and sometimes even sponsor families?  This question comes up all the time.  My answer is far more complicated than you might guess.  Unless you’ve been down and out or struggled from paycheck to paycheck- understanding the struggles and financial hurdles these families face “would never make any sense to you.”  We’ve been in houses with dirt floors, we’ve been in houses missing Windows and doors-we’ve seen poverty!  

What percentage of your clients book through The Pawning Planners?  Twenty to forty percent of our clients use the option of bartering.

Families reaching out to us through The Pawning Planners may not have any money but they do have pride.  They wanted to be able to “in some small way-help us to help them by giving us something in return.”

Sponsored families often help by volunteering at events or making food for the reception of a complete stranger because we helped them when no one else would.

Rich or poor, every family is treated with the same amount of courtesy and respect because we understand their story and we are dedicated to helping the people no one else would.

Why is your client base so diverse?  I’ve noticed that you have mixed race couples, LBGT couples, and a virtual melting pot going on?  Well, we do.  Neither of my businesses discriminate and if it “looks like a melting pot” it’s because we welcome all races, all religious affiliations and all lifestyles.

Although many of my emails are funny-the majority are somewhat sad and give me the details of how hard they were trying to save up money for an event and then something happened to exhaust their funding.

Cindy and I are pretty funny because we bring a sense of humor on our adventure to “change the wedding and events industry one family at a time From Fort Worth, Texas” with my multigenerational “team” of family members.

We laugh with you and occasionally we cry upon realizing how hard you are trying to get by and how important your event is to you.

The reason we care is that we’ve been there ourselves years ago and (like you) had no one to help us.  Maybe that makes us “different” from other vendors but, it also makes us far more dedicated…

Wendy M Wortham

More Barters, Blunders & Bumps In The Road-The Pawning Planners On “Flops & Fumbles”

With a weekend of fun and adventure planned, Cindy and I started out Friday morning at an Appraisal Appointment and although the home wasn’t what we expected with trash in the yard strewn about an SUV that was wrecked on two sides greeted us- we wearily got out, introduced ourselves and began digging through some trash to find a treasure!  I was seeking antiques and furniture and coming up empty when Cindy spotted something and grabbed my attention.

I Found Two Items- A LV Handbag & Handcrafted Step Stool
Buried beneath a pile of backpacks, blankets and boxes- 
spotted a unique Louis Vuttin purse with ostrich trim and lizard detail so we both “whipped out our iPhones!”  The search term “Louis Vutton ostrich”  popped right up and we quickly celebrated what we expected to be a real find we found out later, wasn’t.

The problem on the best “fake” we’ve ever come across was the missing authentication number located on the inside zipper area but after years of “foraging for a flip” we’ve had a few “hits and misses” so we aren’t always lucky enough to effectively- hit a lick!

The beautiful handcrafted step stool was quite a find and signed by the artist and since the young lady retaining us for a wedding in April also had cash to cover the rest of the expense, “we took it on the chin” and moved on to our next appointment.

It’s our fifth month on a weight loss journey and although running around all day to meet clients and appraise items keeps us pretty busy, we pass up the drive through restaurants in our efforts to “stay on track” of our weight loss.  It’s isn’t easy to find healthy alternatives and we occasionally grab cheese sticks and water to keep from blowing our diets. 

Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners
To date, I’ve lost 25 of my 40lb goal and Cindy 19 but we hit a plateau last month and had to “get crafty” by adding excercise at home along to our 5 day workouts at Planet Fitness.  Cindy has a trampoline and we both have dogs that we walk everyday but I’ve got to admit walking the dog is far easier than jumping on the trampoline ya all!  

Foxy Wortham May Look Relaxed But He Pulls And Makes A Walk A Workout!
At 12 years old, my dog acts like a “wild Indian” on our afternoon walks and runs me ragged but Cindy’s dog, Bentley Daniel usually sits down and “takes a break” on their walks.  With Foxy you practically run behind him and with Bentley- it’s a hurry up and sit down escapade. 

Rescue Dog Bentley Daniel
On top of the gym, walking the dog, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes and falling off our “fit boards,” losing weight isn’t nearly as easy in our fifties as it was in our 20’s but we continue to do whatever it takes because “we are in it to win it” with our weight loss goal.

Saturday was a birthday planning event for our Little Pawners and their friend Apple.  It was decided to go to Main Event and I’m going to admit that the location reminded me of Chuck E Cheese with kids running wild in every direction.  Just keeping up with our own kids was an adventure on its own. 

Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney With Their Friends From Austin Elementary At Main Event
Latest Little Pawner, Madyson Blais Joins Makenna
Since we are planning my brother in law, Steve Daniels birthday today, I scheduled a client meeting this morning to keep my afternoon free and will be meeting a prospective buyer for a Drexel Heritage Wingback Leather recliner I listed immediately after the client meeting.

I’m really looking forward to this client meeting because my team had so much fun at the wedding with her sister a few months ago at Willow Lake Event Center.  Whenever we do an event by referral, we look forward to it. 

Texas Twins Events Photography
Willow Lake Event Center
Last season, I wrote about a family that nearly had me walking out at a rehearsal due to a drunken mother in law who didn’t want the wedding in a park.  The problem?  No money for a venue.  Believe it or not, Inlaws & Outlaws continue to be a problem with their “ideas” or “suggestions,” but my role is to accommodate the couple not their parents or friends so when I encounter a problem on location- addressing it is necessary in order to “move on.” 

Far Left-Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel Listen To The “Ideas” Of Location Issues
This family was a hurdle because the mother was swigging Mad Dog 20/20 while arguing that we needed chairs & a building along with not “liking” the idea of the train tracks in the background and wanting to keep her bouquet (belonging to me and on loan for the event) because “I need a Souvenier of this wedding and I’ve decided this bouquet should be given to me.”  Oh brother!  
When I tell you we’ve had a few “incidents” I’m really not kidding and just reviewed an email from the mother in law about wanting a wedding.  I may just decline after enduring her behavior but will discuss it with my team before making a decision because if she’s drinking again- I’m out on this.  Sometimes though, a picture is worth a thousands words so I’m adding the photos to give you a better idea of the “drama.” 

Mother In Law Is Between The Bride & Groom
My Facial Expression When The Mother In Law Interrupts The Ceremony To Object
I don’t offer objections at wedding ceremonies because my belief is if you are there to object- you shouldn’t be there!  Joanna Magee’s brother tried to interject objections too but I stopped him too.

I’m going to “step out on a limb here” and strongly suggest that if you know someone in your family has a drinking problem, please don’t invite them to your event or encourage drinking.  If your relatives aka Inlaws and Outlaws are uncontrollable sober- they will be far more uncontrollable when they are drunk! 

It Isn’t Easy To Shock Us But, It Happens
On a Skype interview last week, a production company contacted me to “verify” my blogs were based on facts because a few of them were surprisingly hilarious.  I don’t plan on hilarity- it comes to me because I meet people from all walks of life.  

My blogs from Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners, Texas Twins TV and Texas Twins Treasures are actually a “diary” and how I keep up with my memoirs.

Since one of my readers asked an important question regarding items offered “not equal to the value of services rendered” we also take cash, check or charge to level out the variation or mark off items to bring the cost down for clients when necessary.

The reason I attach photos is to give you a better idea of the wide scope of families from Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners because both businesses are so incredibly different from the location to the families themselves.

Bringing three businesses together to pull it all off wasn’t easy or an overnight decision.  Texas Twins Events families have money, Pawning Planners families don’t.  Taking trades, I needed the knowledge and skill to refurbish and flip items along with basic product knowledge of the market to sell them here at Texas Twins Treasures.  

Often the money from Texas Twins Events clients fund the expense of upholstery fabric for flips of items taken in trade through The Pawning Planners that are sold at Texas Twins Treasures.

I “think in a circle” but my businesses actually “work in a circle” and compliment each other. A few of The Pawning Planners clients are “characters” all on their own which is why I never embellish my blogs- I don’t need to and never will because my “story” is one of honesty and occasionally (through no fault of my own) hilarious too. 

Every Family Is As Different As Their Request For A Dream Event
 The house full of cats became a sponsored event because let’s face it-I wasn’t taking any furniture out of there!  Items offered at Texas Twins Treasures are the finest quality because I would never sell anything that I wouldn’t buy.

I’ve spent over 20 years in retail sales so I have a better understanding of what sells or doesn’t.  From merchandising to brand marketing- my history and experience give me insight on buying trends. 

Two Sets Of Twins- The Pawning Planners
“On The Road Again!” We Are Always In Our Suv’s Meeting Clients & Making New Friends
Although everything in my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory may or may not be new, a few of my treasures didn’t need refurbishing and became “quick flips” like the leather recliners or the gothic hall tree stand.  What I’m actually looking for at an Appraisal Appointment is something weird, different or unexpected.
I’m actually searching for something I’ve never seen before-these type of items are far more valuable than everyday or “run of the mill” types of furniture.


This hall tree is from a church and over 100 years old- I immediately loved it! 


We don’t always “pick a winner” and the Louis Vutton purse may not have been authentic but we know someone who will love it just the same.

Learning as you go in the Bartering Business is essential and from this point forward, we now know what to look for but I’ve got a friend who is really excited to get her “new to her purse” next week so all is well that ends well.

My autobiography will be based on facts and my unique journey with my family to “change the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas” and no one could make anything up that would be nearly as interesting as Real Life and Real People- their stories and our journey are 100% authentic.

To find out more, read this blog-Wendy Wortham & Our Unique Journey To Help Over 600 Families In Six Years-The Pawning Planners many of these families were thankful we were “Friends Of The Friendless” and a few of them not what we expected but that’s life and what actually happened… 

     Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.  Every family is a different as their Dream Event and (believe it or not) most of these families have a few Inlaws & Outlaws too.

After years of taking trades, we’ve met some pretty funny people who (even today) volunteer to “help out” at events and (inadvertently) walked away with a few funny stories-Flips, Flops & Funny Stories- The Pawning Planners.

Throughout our journey, every family is as unique as their Dream Event.

Wendy M Wortham No Money? No Problem- The Pawning Planners Take Trades!


Storage Wars & Wacky Items? The Pawning Planners Try To #Cindyism “Hit A Lick”

Cindy and I have been trying to find new items to add to my Treasure Chest here at Texas Twins Treasures but, we’ve encountered a few hotheads along the way.  Bidders can often get pretty bitter when you are trying to get the same item or lot that they are.

Since this actually is “our first rodeo” in the auction circuit, we are continuing to attempt learning the lingo along with the does and don’ts of storage wars.

A few months ago, I decided that perhaps we could get lucky finding a few new items to flip but, nothing prepared me for the environment that these storage auctions have ya all.

While The Pawning Planners are willing to consider any trade of cars, boats, antiques, jewelry and even real estate, We do not take livestock trades, moonshine or firearms.  Please consider submitting items of antiques, jewelry, furniture, boats, farm equipment, furs, or other items and if you wish- you can upload a photo and your event request at my The Pawning Planners Website- WWW.THEPAWNINGPLANNERS.COM if you need a list of services, visit WWW.TEXASTWINSEVENTS.COM and if your request isn’t listed, simply use the contact us link to submit your service request.

Many of our twins and friends have watched The Pawning Planners video to give you a better idea of how we take trades in exchange for a Dream Event as a TwinTeam along with my multigenerational family but, if you haven’t, here’s the link to my YouTube channel- The Pawning Planners- We Take Trades For Wedding & Event Services gives you a broader idea of how bartering for an event actually works.

In order for the flip to be profitable, I often refurbish items prior to listing them at Texas Twins Treasures to get them “show ready!”

We’ve had a few fairly interesting clients with even more interesting swaps, flips & trades over the past few years but no request is too far out there for us to consider.

From liquidating a storage unit- The Pawning Planners Appraise A Storage Unit. To trying to flip a house- The Pawning Planners- A TwinTeam Estate Liquidation. We will just about try anything to make a buck around here! 

Two Sets Of Twins- The Pawning Planners!
For the past five years (since we heard about Twinsburg and the Twin Festival), Cindy and I have been wanting to take our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney to the Twin Festival.

Trying to come up with enough cash to fund the trip while giving “anyone regardless of their income a dream event” has often left us running around to find the funding while trying to help the hundreds of families who come to us for help.

My plan is to generate more revenue by selling Pawning Planners Apparel, Texas Twins Treasures & even Little Pawners greeting cards hike supplementing my income by selling real estate.

My background in high end sales spans 30 years of selling everything from luxury cars to furs and even jewelry so selling real estate is a no brainer now that the market is back up.

I’m often asked “what are my goals?”  Well, three years from now I would love to have a building to use as a wedding and event venue that doubles as a storefront for Texas Twins Treasures.

Changing the wedding and events industry “one family at a time” won’t make you rich but it will give you a basketful of interesting clients and even more interesting stories!

I’ve been working on my book an autobiography of the past 6 years with my twin sister Cindy titled “Travels of the Texas Twins” and we hope to self publish it soon to generate more revenue by sharing our unique journey of helping strangers and creating unity in our community through No Money? No Problem! We Take Trades- The Pawning Planners! Along with our low cost wedding and event services offered at Low Cost Wedding & Event Services- Family Owned & Operated.

As a family, we’ve shared some fairly interesting adventures at weddings, funerals, baptisms, family reunions & more by giving families an opportunity to enjoy a Life Event.

As I head off to my next auction with my saucy sidekick, Cindy Daniel, she throws out her infamous #Cindyism “You Can’t Profit From The Harvest If You Don’t Plant The Crops!”

Maybe next year we can see our social media twin friends at Twinsburg…

Wendy M Wortham 


Barters & Blunders- The Pawning Planners Try To Fill Our Treasure Chest…

I don’t always find a treasure among the trash we dig through to find a flip, swap or trade for services.  Many times my twin sister, Cindy Daniel and I have walked away spraying ourselves and the Little Pawners (second generation twins) Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney with Febreze to get the smell of mold, cat urine and cow patties off ourselves after an Appraisal Appointment. 

Makenna Mahaney, Wendy Wortham, Cindy Daniel & Maryssa Mahaney- Two Sets of Texas Twins aka The Pawning Planners
My saucy sidekick Cindy Daniel constantly reminds me #Cindyism “You can’t profit from the harvest of you don’t plant the crop!”  When I do find a discarded antique that has market value- it has never been in “sale ready” shape.  Quite the opposite and the work involved to refurbish it can be a lengthy process of staining and repairing along with selecting the finest tapestry fabric to reupholster it. 

 You see I’ve flipped boats, trucks, houses, antiques, furs, jewelry, refrigerators, funeral plots & more to #Cindyism “hit a lick.”  The Pawning Process takes place when we find something of value and work hard to bring it back to its former glory. 

My history of selling Cadillacs, high end furniture and more gave me key insights on buying trends because the most unique items fetch the highest price.  Recently, we went to an Appraisal Appointment for a client who had initially requested an estate liquidation.  After successfully liquidating unwanted furniture and clothing- they decided that perhaps we could help “fix up” an abandoned home that they had inherited.  The problem was that a water leak upstairs had caused the ceiling to crash into the downstairs and the entire home was destroyed do to black mold.  We had my niece Stephaney Mahaney film this venture in order to show the clients the actual condition of the home.  This needed more than a coat of paint and landscaping- it needed a backhoe and a bulldozer.  By viewing the video you can better grasp the differences of our adventures in the wedding and events industry by taking trades, flipping items and providing our clients with a wedding, cancer free party, baptism, funeral ceremony or  Pawning Party- no event is too big or too small my family and I do them all- Two Sets Of Twins Appraise A House Flip Request-Travels Of The Texas Twins. 

On the flip side of a blunder- we often can be surprised by some of the things thrown haphazardly into a barn, garage, she’d or storage unit- Liquidating A Storage Unit- The Pawning Planners. 

Throughout the past five years, I’ve seen just about everything and even went into a house with a dirt floor missing Windows!  We help the folks that no one else will which is what makes us unique.

Stepping up to the plate when no one else wanted to help the low to middle income consumer hasn’t been easy but it certainly can be interesting.  Most of the time even I can be surprised by the bounced checks for as little as $37.50 or by a client saying they mailed a check when they didn’t.  You see, I get lied to about 10% of the time which is why I require an Appraisal Appointment when clients book through The Pawning Planners.

Clients booking through my other site Texas Twins Events pay minimal fees for our services and are often guilty of pretending to pay or promising to pay after their event and then “skipping out on us.”  Ironically, these are the folks that can afford a venue, and they can afford caterers and everything else but when it comes to paying me to officiate or my staff to do photography- we’ve been stuffed by the rich folks ya all!

Because of this, promises of payment are no longer tolerated.  I’ve officiated at $300k weddings where I made $125 for the wedding ceremony AND the rehearsal for affluent consumers who hired me because we were cheaper than everyone else.

The reason we work for far less is an interesting story of how Texas Twins Treasures and Texas Twins Events were merged by me to create The Pawning Planners.

My initial pan of offering low cost services and ceremonies evolved upon realizing that many prospects had no money- even nominal amounts.

To overcome issues the no money clients faced, I created Pawning Planners Apparel.  Sales of Texas Twins Treasures fund families with no money AND no trade.  That’s right we try to help anyone.

Creating an inventory of wedding bouquets, bouteniers, cake stands, columns and Centerpieces was time consuming and expensive for me but necessary in order to address and overcome the needs of clients with no way to afford these luxuries.

Complimentary photography is available for Pawning Planners clients and, occasionally at my discretion, Texas Twins Events clients so they have permanent memories of their Dream Event.

I hope this better explains how all three businesses work together to make it work and why my entire family work with my along my unique and sometimes funny journey…

Wendy Wortham We Take Trades! No Money? No Problem- The Pawning Planners Low Cost Services & Ceremonies- Texas Twins Events Family Owned & Operated


Fun Parks, Funny Photos & Adventures With My Texas Twins Events Team…

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After a busy Friday with an Appraisal Appointment and afternoon wedding at my home aka WorthamWorld, I promised our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney an afternoon of fun at Six Flags with a timeline of departure immediately following a client conference at my home Saturday morning regarding her September wedding at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. 

 My son and daughter in law (Robert & Stephanie Hafele) joined us at Six Flags along with their friends.

The twins love the games at Six Flags and often spend at least an hour attempting to win a certain prize.  Usually these “prizes” cost far more to “win” than buy which is why Cindy and I try to steer the kids away from the game lane.

 When Maryssa can’t win something, her twin sister wins it for her.  Makenna is pretty athletic and good at getting jump shots or knocking down the pins or even popping balloons with darts. 

Robert & Stephaney Hafele- Photography Team For Texas Twins Events On Location At A Wedding
My son can smile and look handsome when he wants to but often makes a goofy look or sticks out his tongue in photos which aggravates me to no end and is also why I rarely ask him to “model” for Texas Twins Treasures.  I’ve enlisted him a few times but he can’t get the “happy model pose” going as well as my twin sister Cindy, Maryssa or Stephanie Hafele can.  Items sell far better when we have someone wearing the item and anyone coming by my home can be grabbed and “rope a doped” right into modeling items for me- lol!

I’m often asked what we will take in trade and the answer a just about anything excluding livestock or firearms.  Knowing the value of any item is key to the success of making any bartering negotiation work.

From boots to furs and furniture with everything in between, we will consider anything and everything! 

Maryssa is one of my best models with her winning smile and great attitude, her poses are fun and creative. 

Maryssa Mahaney Models A Cambridge Dry Goods Vest Size Large For Texas Twins Treasures
Maryssa Mahaney Models Harley Davidson Vest Size Medium For Texas Twins Treasures
Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Model Pawning Planners Apparel Featuring #Cindyism Quotes For Texas Twins Treasures
Maryssa Mahaney “Gets Comfortable” After Modeling Several Items For Texas Twins Treasures
When the Little Pawners spend the night with my husband and I, we keep them busy with cooking shows and activities that include walks with our dog Foxy Wortham and bike rides but everyone knows that if I’ve got something to list to get ready to “strut and smile!” 

Wendy Wortham Models Oscar De La Renta Silk Scarf For Texas Twins Treasures
Stephanie Hafele Models Rabbit Fur Fox Trim Collar Coat For Texas Twins Treasures
Wendy Wortham Models Silk Sequin Bolero Jacket Size Large For Texas Twins Treasures
My Son Robert Hafele Models A #Cindyism Classic Quote
Robert and Stephanie Hafele Model Pawning Planners Apparel For Texas Twins Treasures
I’ve even run over to Robbie’s house aka HafeleHouse to grab a model so it’s now a running joke that no one is immune from being “plucked” to pose.

Maryssa Mahaney Cooking At WorthamWorld
The twins love to host a cooking show to their invisible audience and throw in some entertaining instructions “clean up after yourself- do you see a maid?” Cooking with the kids is a lot of fun for my husband and I in the kitchen.  We really enjoy “slumber parties” with my grandnieces and it’s always a treat when our “Latest Little Pawner” Madyson comes by wjth my niece Leigh Ann Blais. 

Our Three Little Pawners- Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney With Madyson Blais My Twin Sister Cindy Daniel’s Three Granddaughters
My grandnieces bring smiles everywhere they go and I will be as sad as my twin when Leigh Ann leaves for the Navy Base in California shortly to join her husband Alex.  I’m fairly certain we will be visiting them and Leigh Ann will be coming to Texas for visits since all of our adult children can’t wait to get away from my twin sister and I “meddling in their lives.”  However, our “meddling” must not be that bad because all three of our adult children call several times a day or stop by and Cindy’s adult daughters have both moved home along with three grandchildren keeping the Daniel Home aka DanielDivaDiggs, bursting at the seams! 

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham- The Pawning Planners of Texas Twins Events
Do Cindy and I think we are “meddlers?”  No but if you ask our children, grandchildren or even our husbands- the answer you get wont match our own.  We gently “guide” our adult children with advice that they often disagree with but we consider our advice as a learning tool for these kids who think they know it all.

Getting them to keep a clean house and car will forever be something we “harp” on like a couple of hens in told but I don’t know how some of the kids find anything with their unique way of “putting things up.”

We are planning an estate liquidation in a few weeks and I’m hoping to get rid of some of the things in my son’s garage while I’m at it since that have so much stuff in it I’m fairly certain they have no idea what it actually contains.

My Little Pawners will be operating their cookies and lemonade stand again and “banking.”  Those two are so good at selling their treats that they often outsell us which is hilarious!

The entire family are fiercely competitive at selling so this should be another adventure for the Travels of My Texas Twins Events Team.

To shop my Treasure Chest, simply click on the search bar at this site.  Looking for our list of services?  Visit Low Cost Wedding & Event Services- Texas Twins Events Family Owned & Operated and if you have no money, it’s not a problem because we also take trades for any services at Changing The Wedding & Events Industry One Family At A Time By Taking Trades– The Pawning Planners.

Refurbishing and flipping items keeps my family busy because we aren’t appraising trades or doing weddings and events, we are often in the workroom sanding or staining items to get them ready for sale at Texas Twins Treasures.

To better understand the Pawning Process of The Pawning Planners, visit Texas Twins TV- Follow Our Unique Journey and watch our videos at my other site specifically designed to show you our latest videos and adventures with my multigenerational family aka Texas Twins Events Team.

Wendy M Wortham 


A “Pawning Party” What Is It And How Does It Work?  Wendy Wortham Explains…

It is well known that we offer estate liquidation services for folks who can no longer afford their storage units or, are downsizing and need to sell their stuff.  From estate liquidation services to “Pawning Parties,” these Texas Twins are often involved in fundraising along with our standard event services that include wedding ceremonies, baptism, house blessings, funeral ceremonies and more.

Wendy Wortham “Virginia Malone Liquidation” With Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

When Virginia came to me regarding liquidating her two storage units, the Texas Twins Events Team whipped into action loading up her items and bringing them to my garages to sort them.  Advertising the sale to my numerous affiliations on social media and Craig’s List, we sold nearly all of her items and donated the rest to Goodwill.

Wendy Wortham “We Travel Baby!”

What is a “Pawning Party?” Well friend, if you don’t have any money to pay your rent due to job loss or illness- you’ve got to figure out how to raise those funds.  We come in with pizza and soft drinks and advertise your “sale” to generate the shoppers and liquidate your assets thereby raising money for you.  How do we get paid?  We take 20% of the profits to organize your event and auction your items.  When orchestrating a liquidation event- the terms are the same however, we keep the unsold items and donate them to charities.

Wendy Wortham, Leigh Ann Blais, Cindy Daniel- Texas Twins Events Team

When people come to me with no idea how to raise money- I help them by giving insights on how to get shoppers interested.  A 30 year history of selling and refurbishing items gives me product knowledge that the average consumer doesn’t possess.  Why? Because most people have no idea of the resale value of their stuff.  When you take trades for services- you had better have some idea of what your “pawning” and what you can sell the item for and, I do.  In 2009, I opened an eBay store to sell my own possessions during the second year that my real estate developer husband, Matthew Wortham was unemployed which we now call the real estate crisis.  Going from an upper middle class income to struggling on my income put me into a “survival mode” of raising money to pay our hefty mortgage.  I successfully sold my jewelry, furs, couture clothing and all of our furniture to “save the farm.”  My beautiful items amassed from a twenty year modeling history effectively “came in handy” when we had nowhere else to find money.  I’m a survivor and as a survivor, able to evaluate and execute a plan for folks who face similar situations.

Cindy Daniel, Maryssa Mahaney, Makenna Mahaney, Wendy Wortham

I’m interviewed frequently regarding how and why I started a wedding and events business that evolved into taking trades for services and how I sell the items to recover expenses and generate revenue.  My sister sites Texas Twins Treasures and Texas Twins Events-Wedding and Event Services are how this “whole business got started.”  You see, initially offering low cost services and ceremonies brought to me families who had no money too.  Finding ways to help these folks while still generating revenue took planning on my part and the ability to “expand my brand.”

Many of you wonder how the “pawning process” works.  A video documenting the Dream Event of Lisa and Terry Williams gives you a better idea of a day in my life with my saucy sidekick and twin sister, Cindy Daniel along with my multigenerational family Meet The Pawning Planners- Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel documents how families come to me with a request or “Dream Event” but have no money.  While my twin sister and I obviously have a good time doing what we do- we are also helping families that no one else is going to help hence the term “Dream Event.”

Twin Sisters-Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham

Did folks think I was crazy when I initially started my Texas Twins Events Business?  You betcha!  Even my own family couldn’t see the future of where this business would take me and later, they realized the gift of what I was doing and joined me in my quest to give “anyone regardless of their income the opportunity for a Dream Event.”

For the many families we have helped these past four years, I created an affordable alternative to traditional price structures that directly targeted the low to middle class consumer who would never have been able to afford “traditional pricing of $10k and up.”  You see, the truth behind the average wedding cost is that the average person can’t afford it!

Stephanie Hafele Modelling A Texas Twins Treasures Inventory Item
Wendy Wortham Designer, Refurbished Texas Twins Treasure Piano Bench

Items offered in my storefront are often in a state of disrepair when I acquire them.  Having a creative imagination to stain and refurbish them is key when “flipping” the item after the “Pawning Process” has begun.  Flipping furniture takes time and elbow grease.
Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners Process evolved based on demand and my client base.  Being able to evolve and “roll with the flow” is key to my success in this industry.

While I’m frequently interviewed as to how and why it happened, my answer is simple- I saw a need and found a way to meet that need by reinventing and rebranding myself as many times as necessary to make it work for me, my family and our client base.

I don’t have any competition for a very basic reason- my competitors take cash, check or credit cards period.  Being willing and able to “do it differently” created a window for everyone who wasn’t able to “whip out a check.”

Creating my own inventory of wedding bouquets, boutenniers, centerpieces, columns, camera equipment and everything ease necessary to pull it all together along with my family to help me was necessary when families had no money to hire a photographer or buy flowers for their event.

Overcoming any and all barriers wouldn’t “come easy” unless you were a survivor.  My passion comes from perseverance and for me the joy of the journey is the families we meet, the people we help and our desire as a team to make this world a better place.

Wendy M Wortham