Barters & Blunders- The Pawning Planners Try To Fill Our Treasure Chest…

I don’t always find a treasure among the trash we dig through to find a flip, swap or trade for services.  Many times my twin sister, Cindy Daniel and I have walked away spraying ourselves and the Little Pawners (second generation twins) Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney with Febreze to get the smell of mold, cat urine and cow patties off ourselves after an Appraisal Appointment. 

Makenna Mahaney, Wendy Wortham, Cindy Daniel & Maryssa Mahaney- Two Sets of Texas Twins aka The Pawning Planners
My saucy sidekick Cindy Daniel constantly reminds me #Cindyism “You can’t profit from the harvest of you don’t plant the crop!”  When I do find a discarded antique that has market value- it has never been in “sale ready” shape.  Quite the opposite and the work involved to refurbish it can be a lengthy process of staining and repairing along with selecting the finest tapestry fabric to reupholster it. 

 You see I’ve flipped boats, trucks, houses, antiques, furs, jewelry, refrigerators, funeral plots & more to #Cindyism “hit a lick.”  The Pawning Process takes place when we find something of value and work hard to bring it back to its former glory. 

My history of selling Cadillacs, high end furniture and more gave me key insights on buying trends because the most unique items fetch the highest price.  Recently, we went to an Appraisal Appointment for a client who had initially requested an estate liquidation.  After successfully liquidating unwanted furniture and clothing- they decided that perhaps we could help “fix up” an abandoned home that they had inherited.  The problem was that a water leak upstairs had caused the ceiling to crash into the downstairs and the entire home was destroyed do to black mold.  We had my niece Stephaney Mahaney film this venture in order to show the clients the actual condition of the home.  This needed more than a coat of paint and landscaping- it needed a backhoe and a bulldozer.  By viewing the video you can better grasp the differences of our adventures in the wedding and events industry by taking trades, flipping items and providing our clients with a wedding, cancer free party, baptism, funeral ceremony or  Pawning Party- no event is too big or too small my family and I do them all- Two Sets Of Twins Appraise A House Flip Request-Travels Of The Texas Twins. 

On the flip side of a blunder- we often can be surprised by some of the things thrown haphazardly into a barn, garage, she’d or storage unit- Liquidating A Storage Unit- The Pawning Planners. 

Throughout the past five years, I’ve seen just about everything and even went into a house with a dirt floor missing Windows!  We help the folks that no one else will which is what makes us unique.

Stepping up to the plate when no one else wanted to help the low to middle income consumer hasn’t been easy but it certainly can be interesting.  Most of the time even I can be surprised by the bounced checks for as little as $37.50 or by a client saying they mailed a check when they didn’t.  You see, I get lied to about 10% of the time which is why I require an Appraisal Appointment when clients book through The Pawning Planners.

Clients booking through my other site Texas Twins Events pay minimal fees for our services and are often guilty of pretending to pay or promising to pay after their event and then “skipping out on us.”  Ironically, these are the folks that can afford a venue, and they can afford caterers and everything else but when it comes to paying me to officiate or my staff to do photography- we’ve been stuffed by the rich folks ya all!

Because of this, promises of payment are no longer tolerated.  I’ve officiated at $300k weddings where I made $125 for the wedding ceremony AND the rehearsal for affluent consumers who hired me because we were cheaper than everyone else.

The reason we work for far less is an interesting story of how Texas Twins Treasures and Texas Twins Events were merged by me to create The Pawning Planners.

My initial pan of offering low cost services and ceremonies evolved upon realizing that many prospects had no money- even nominal amounts.

To overcome issues the no money clients faced, I created Pawning Planners Apparel.  Sales of Texas Twins Treasures fund families with no money AND no trade.  That’s right we try to help anyone.

Creating an inventory of wedding bouquets, bouteniers, cake stands, columns and Centerpieces was time consuming and expensive for me but necessary in order to address and overcome the needs of clients with no way to afford these luxuries.

Complimentary photography is available for Pawning Planners clients and, occasionally at my discretion, Texas Twins Events clients so they have permanent memories of their Dream Event.

I hope this better explains how all three businesses work together to make it work and why my entire family work with my along my unique and sometimes funny journey…

Wendy Wortham We Take Trades! No Money? No Problem- The Pawning Planners Low Cost Services & Ceremonies- Texas Twins Events Family Owned & Operated