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After a busy Friday with an Appraisal Appointment and afternoon wedding at my home aka WorthamWorld, I promised our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney an afternoon of fun at Six Flags with a timeline of departure immediately following a client conference at my home Saturday morning regarding her September wedding at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. 

 My son and daughter in law (Robert & Stephanie Hafele) joined us at Six Flags along with their friends.

The twins love the games at Six Flags and often spend at least an hour attempting to win a certain prize.  Usually these “prizes” cost far more to “win” than buy which is why Cindy and I try to steer the kids away from the game lane.

 When Maryssa can’t win something, her twin sister wins it for her.  Makenna is pretty athletic and good at getting jump shots or knocking down the pins or even popping balloons with darts. 

Robert & Stephaney Hafele- Photography Team For Texas Twins Events On Location At A Wedding
My son can smile and look handsome when he wants to but often makes a goofy look or sticks out his tongue in photos which aggravates me to no end and is also why I rarely ask him to “model” for Texas Twins Treasures.  I’ve enlisted him a few times but he can’t get the “happy model pose” going as well as my twin sister Cindy, Maryssa or Stephanie Hafele can.  Items sell far better when we have someone wearing the item and anyone coming by my home can be grabbed and “rope a doped” right into modeling items for me- lol!

I’m often asked what we will take in trade and the answer a just about anything excluding livestock or firearms.  Knowing the value of any item is key to the success of making any bartering negotiation work.

From boots to furs and furniture with everything in between, we will consider anything and everything! 

Maryssa is one of my best models with her winning smile and great attitude, her poses are fun and creative. 

Maryssa Mahaney Models A Cambridge Dry Goods Vest Size Large For Texas Twins Treasures
Maryssa Mahaney Models Harley Davidson Vest Size Medium For Texas Twins Treasures
Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Model Pawning Planners Apparel Featuring #Cindyism Quotes For Texas Twins Treasures
Maryssa Mahaney “Gets Comfortable” After Modeling Several Items For Texas Twins Treasures
When the Little Pawners spend the night with my husband and I, we keep them busy with cooking shows and activities that include walks with our dog Foxy Wortham and bike rides but everyone knows that if I’ve got something to list to get ready to “strut and smile!” 

Wendy Wortham Models Oscar De La Renta Silk Scarf For Texas Twins Treasures
Stephanie Hafele Models Rabbit Fur Fox Trim Collar Coat For Texas Twins Treasures
Wendy Wortham Models Silk Sequin Bolero Jacket Size Large For Texas Twins Treasures
My Son Robert Hafele Models A #Cindyism Classic Quote
Robert and Stephanie Hafele Model Pawning Planners Apparel For Texas Twins Treasures
I’ve even run over to Robbie’s house aka HafeleHouse to grab a model so it’s now a running joke that no one is immune from being “plucked” to pose.

Maryssa Mahaney Cooking At WorthamWorld
The twins love to host a cooking show to their invisible audience and throw in some entertaining instructions “clean up after yourself- do you see a maid?” Cooking with the kids is a lot of fun for my husband and I in the kitchen.  We really enjoy “slumber parties” with my grandnieces and it’s always a treat when our “Latest Little Pawner” Madyson comes by wjth my niece Leigh Ann Blais. 

Our Three Little Pawners- Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney With Madyson Blais My Twin Sister Cindy Daniel’s Three Granddaughters
My grandnieces bring smiles everywhere they go and I will be as sad as my twin when Leigh Ann leaves for the Navy Base in California shortly to join her husband Alex.  I’m fairly certain we will be visiting them and Leigh Ann will be coming to Texas for visits since all of our adult children can’t wait to get away from my twin sister and I “meddling in their lives.”  However, our “meddling” must not be that bad because all three of our adult children call several times a day or stop by and Cindy’s adult daughters have both moved home along with three grandchildren keeping the Daniel Home aka DanielDivaDiggs, bursting at the seams! 

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham- The Pawning Planners of Texas Twins Events
Do Cindy and I think we are “meddlers?”  No but if you ask our children, grandchildren or even our husbands- the answer you get wont match our own.  We gently “guide” our adult children with advice that they often disagree with but we consider our advice as a learning tool for these kids who think they know it all.

Getting them to keep a clean house and car will forever be something we “harp” on like a couple of hens in told but I don’t know how some of the kids find anything with their unique way of “putting things up.”

We are planning an estate liquidation in a few weeks and I’m hoping to get rid of some of the things in my son’s garage while I’m at it since that have so much stuff in it I’m fairly certain they have no idea what it actually contains.

My Little Pawners will be operating their cookies and lemonade stand again and “banking.”  Those two are so good at selling their treats that they often outsell us which is hilarious!

The entire family are fiercely competitive at selling so this should be another adventure for the Travels of My Texas Twins Events Team.

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Refurbishing and flipping items keeps my family busy because we aren’t appraising trades or doing weddings and events, we are often in the workroom sanding or staining items to get them ready for sale at Texas Twins Treasures.

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