The Ping Pong Table Proposal- Risk Or Reward And The Realities Of Actual Value…

Sunday afternoon leaving JPS/LCA in Fort Worth, I headed to Bedford to go view a proposed barter through The Pawning Planners.

The truth is that ping pong tables have a very wide range of value. From $95 to over $10k, the demand for an expensive ping pong table is actually a good market to flip the “right item.”

Since my client had no idea of the actual manufacturer since this was a handcrafted item, I decided to leave the stress of dropping off more clothing to my niece, Stephaney who as been involuntarily committed again behind and go check it out.

Cindy was busy in Weatherford working another event with Leigh Ann although she normally goes with me to Appraisal Appointments to “walk a trade.”

My son and his wife were in Arlington working a wedding since October is a really busy month in Texas for weddings. 

My client and I had already decided that if the barter worked, I would pick it up later this week with help from my son. 

I always review information pertaining to trades prior to meeting prospects in person. If I’m unfamiliar with the value of an item, educating myself beforehand saves me money. Based on the actual condition, I had put this particular trade at under $1200 but, based on my research, similar tables to the handcrafted one submitted varied wildly. 

A few years ago, my husband bought the table below to entertain my twin grandnieces at our other custom home. With three living areas, I had decided to transform our loft into a playroom. 

When we moved, I was surprised at how difficult it was to find the right buyer and also at the loss we wound up taking by giving it away due to my inability to find a buyer. Yep. It was a flop. But, the orphanage who contacted me to donate it would have a good home for it. 

Over the years, I’ve had a few “flips and flops” when dealing with tires or even mechanical issues when trading for a vehicle. Because of this, I’m now really cautious.

A few years ago, I took a bartered SUV and had planned to give it to my brother in law, Steve Daniel. The inspection sticker was out but, I didn’t realize there were solid reasons why until “the deal was done.”

Over $4k of repairs later, I learned the hard way that if a vehicle isn’t running and doesn’t have current inspection- there’s a good reason!

I should have dumped that SUV right off the bat and cut my losses but, I was determined to get it running and while doing so, bled money. I will never do that again. 

Steve now drives my husband’s Toyota Tundra truck. My husband and I gave Steve the truck two years ago when buying my husband a new SUV. 

Just a few months ago, Cindy and I took a trade of four VW Jetta tires and rims. The rims and tires seemed to be in good condition but, we aren’t mechanics. 

My plan to put the VW tires on my niece, Stephaney’s Honda Accord didn’t “pan out.” Why? Two of the VW rims had been bent and were unusable. Because of this, Cindy and I were AGAIN out the investment and had to buy four new rims and tires for the Honda. I’m now more than a little apprehensive regarding cars, boats or rims and tires. Experience is a good teacher.

The barter of the ping pong table was in exchange for a family reunion with catering for 35-40 people. We had agreed to barbecue without alcoholic beverages. I don’t include Open Bars on ANY BARTER. My reasons for this should be self explanatory but, I will go into detail. An Open Bar REQUIRES event security. Also, a bartender and other hefty expenses. If you’d like to provide alcohol at your event, it’s at your own expense. 

The ping pong table that I’ve actually been looking for hasn’t come through The Pawning Planners in the last four years. 

I saw one years ago that held my interest at a billiard store while looking at pool tables for my husband. 

It was beautiful but, it was also several thousand dollars and after discussing how much time my husband would actually spend playing pool or ping pong, not worth the investment at the time.Arriving at my destination, Mary greeted me in the driveway to walk to the guest house and walk the trade. The condition wasn’t an issue as she had kept it in a covered and climate controlled area. 

Finding the right buyer though might be a bit of a hurdle. Due to the expense of moving and storing it while trying to locate a buyer, Mary and I decided that I would list it and find a buyer for her in exchange for a sellers commission.Moving an item this large and storing it is a hefty investment. Because of this, I often find other solutions. This is a very sturdy and well made table but, it doesn’t break down for storage or moving.

I decided to discount her initial fee to coordinate and find catering for her family reunion instead. Many people contact me to sell their items for them but, selling takes time and effort. It requires answering inquiries and paying listing fees which is why I no longer sell for others because I’m so good at it.

I can sell items for others for a fee. For years, people telling me that they don’t know how to list something have taken advantage of my good nature. They walk away with the money while I’m saddled with all of the work.

Selling on eBay carries the risk of not knowing whether or not the buyer will change their mind.

Keeping 100% feedback on eBay is nearly impossible but, since 2009 I have. How? Exceeding buyers expectations. 

Between Ebay and Paypal, sellers fees aren’t inexpensive but, Ebay offers the quality buyers that Craigslist doesn’t. 

No one wants strangers wandering around their home and I don’t either. We store large items in climate controlled storage which is al fairly expensive. 

Delivery of Texas Twins Treasures items is available within 2 hours of DFW for a fee.

Although we don’t pay packaging and freight, we are happy to meet YOUR FREIGHT COMPANY in Fort Worth, Texas.

All is well that ends well and the right buyer will love this table. 

I’m headed to several units the next two weeks for Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Weddings.

Have a great week…