Storage Wars & Wacky Items? The Pawning Planners Try To #Cindyism “Hit A Lick”

Cindy and I have been trying to find new items to add to my Treasure Chest here at Texas Twins Treasures but, we’ve encountered a few hotheads along the way.  Bidders can often get pretty bitter when you are trying to get the same item or lot that they are.

Since this actually is “our first rodeo” in the auction circuit, we are continuing to attempt learning the lingo along with the does and don’ts of storage wars.

A few months ago, I decided that perhaps we could get lucky finding a few new items to flip but, nothing prepared me for the environment that these storage auctions have ya all.

While The Pawning Planners are willing to consider any trade of cars, boats, antiques, jewelry and even real estate, We do not take livestock trades, moonshine or firearms.  Please consider submitting items of antiques, jewelry, furniture, boats, farm equipment, furs, or other items and if you wish- you can upload a photo and your event request at my The Pawning Planners Website- WWW.THEPAWNINGPLANNERS.COM if you need a list of services, visit WWW.TEXASTWINSEVENTS.COM and if your request isn’t listed, simply use the contact us link to submit your service request.

Many of our twins and friends have watched The Pawning Planners video to give you a better idea of how we take trades in exchange for a Dream Event as a TwinTeam along with my multigenerational family but, if you haven’t, here’s the link to my YouTube channel- The Pawning Planners- We Take Trades For Wedding & Event Services gives you a broader idea of how bartering for an event actually works.

In order for the flip to be profitable, I often refurbish items prior to listing them at Texas Twins Treasures to get them “show ready!”

We’ve had a few fairly interesting clients with even more interesting swaps, flips & trades over the past few years but no request is too far out there for us to consider.

From liquidating a storage unit- The Pawning Planners Appraise A Storage Unit. To trying to flip a house- The Pawning Planners- A TwinTeam Estate Liquidation. We will just about try anything to make a buck around here! 

Two Sets Of Twins- The Pawning Planners!
For the past five years (since we heard about Twinsburg and the Twin Festival), Cindy and I have been wanting to take our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney to the Twin Festival.

Trying to come up with enough cash to fund the trip while giving “anyone regardless of their income a dream event” has often left us running around to find the funding while trying to help the hundreds of families who come to us for help.

My plan is to generate more revenue by selling Pawning Planners Apparel, Texas Twins Treasures & even Little Pawners greeting cards hike supplementing my income by selling real estate.

My background in high end sales spans 30 years of selling everything from luxury cars to furs and even jewelry so selling real estate is a no brainer now that the market is back up.

I’m often asked “what are my goals?”  Well, three years from now I would love to have a building to use as a wedding and event venue that doubles as a storefront for Texas Twins Treasures.

Changing the wedding and events industry “one family at a time” won’t make you rich but it will give you a basketful of interesting clients and even more interesting stories!

I’ve been working on my book an autobiography of the past 6 years with my twin sister Cindy titled “Travels of the Texas Twins” and we hope to self publish it soon to generate more revenue by sharing our unique journey of helping strangers and creating unity in our community through No Money? No Problem! We Take Trades- The Pawning Planners! Along with our low cost wedding and event services offered at Low Cost Wedding & Event Services- Family Owned & Operated.

As a family, we’ve shared some fairly interesting adventures at weddings, funerals, baptisms, family reunions & more by giving families an opportunity to enjoy a Life Event.

As I head off to my next auction with my saucy sidekick, Cindy Daniel, she throws out her infamous #Cindyism “You Can’t Profit From The Harvest If You Don’t Plant The Crops!”

Maybe next year we can see our social media twin friends at Twinsburg…

Wendy M Wortham