Taking Trades For Wedding & Event Services? You Bet, Meet The Pawning Planners…

Texas Twins Treasures offer refurbished items taken in trade from families who could not afford a Dream Event.

Many Dream Events are a luxury that a “paycheck to paycheck” family can’t afford due to the exhorbitant costs of weddings, anniversaries, baptisms and more.

When I set out to “change the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas,” I created Texas Twins Events to offer low costs services that included religious ceremonies, photography and floral designs Texas Twins Events was started after my son married and I realized how expensive a wedding actually is for parents who want the best for their children but, are far from rich.  The families we cater to don’t have 10-20k and many cannot even afford $500.  My target market is diverse and based on the low to middle class consumer who has nowhere else to turn and why we call our events “Dream Events.”

After operating successfully for three years, it became apparent to me that still more families needed our help that couldn’t afford the low cost options at Texas Twins Events and so I again made changes in order to assist these families by creating yet another business entity that takes trades for our wedding and event services called the “Pawning Planners.” The Pawning Planners- We Take Trades! By refurbishing and reselling items, my Texas Twins Events Team recovers our expenses for travel, film development and salaries of the team.

While it may sound like an odd adventure- we’ve met hundreds of thankful families who understand how I found a “niche” based on my own experiences with wedding vendors.

Texas Twins Treasures items also fund families who have no money to hire us through Texas Twins Events or, have nothing to trade through the Pawning Planners.  Why?  Because I’m committed to helping anyone and while we can’t take many sponsored events- based on a families story and desire for an event, I often make an exception and sponsor events myself.

Creating a business based on people over profit was never an “easy choice.”  All of my businesses required a financial investment attained by selling our Dream Home along with thousands of hours creating a floral inventory so that families who could not afford wedding bouquets, bouteniers, corsages, centerpieces and decorations could “borrow” my inventory to ensure a beautiful ceremony.

Secondly, I needed a staff to assist me as it would be humanly impossible to officiate the ceremony and take the photos while decorating the venue and handling last minute “emergencies.”  My staff is compromised of my multigenerational family.  My twin sister, Cindy Daniel helps me with set up and is great at entertaining the guests when the couple are running late.  My son and his wife, Robert and Stephanie Hafele handle all of the photography and videography while our twin grand daughters, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney work as flower girls, ring bearers and ushers as well as helping with children in the wedding party.  My Godmothet, Virginia Malone assists with scheduling and my various public appearances while my step daughter Ann Alexander, assists the entire team by making runs to the store and assisting with every aspect of planning and execution at events.  When we have a need for construction at an event, my husband, Matthew Wortham and brother in law, Steve Daniel step in to assist us.  My dedicated web designe handles all phases of my five different websites and all blogs are written by me personally.

The Texas Twins Team are the primary reason for the success of my initial endeavor as they quickly realized how important what we do for these families actually is to them. We will be selling tshirts and coffee cups featuring my twin sister, Cindy Daniel’s Redneck Reality #Cindyisms to help us sponsor needy families who have no money or trades with every dollar going towards sponsored events. Our journey of finding trades we can accept and refurbish is often hilarious and with a team of compensating personalities, we enjoy the time that working a family business together has given us.

As we move to 2016, I appreciate my dedicated followers, social network connections and our clients.  The story of my journey Travels of the Texas Twins Events Team is currently a “work in progress” of my experiences with clients and the team with a few funny stories of unexpected dramas and disasters I’ve written about in my blogs and how we worked as a team to overcome them.

Thank you for visiting Texas Twins Treasures and please understand that we cannot ship furniture or guarantee services on trades without appraising the items.  My knowledge of high end furnishings spans some 25 years and I’ve also worked as a model and am familiar with couture clothing and jewelry.  I cannot accept trades of livestock or vehicles that aren’t running or guns for various reasons and the freight added with the packing of furniture is at the buyers expense unless you are picking up from our location in Fort Worth, Texas.  All items that fit in a priority box or envelope are shipped via USPS Priority Mail to ensure speedy delivery.

Wendy M Wortham

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