The ROAD To Success Is Riddled With DETOURS. Focus On YOUR Destination…

This morning, I reviewed an email through eBay regarding a buyer interested in my three piece Baroque curved sofa, tub chair and ottoman. I’ve had several inquiries about this majestic set but, freight is a huge factor when it comes to heavy furniture.

This prospect is in Dallas though and has her own freight company. Due to eBay’s rules for selling though, selling off of eBay is grounds for eBay account closure. I carefully explained that I could only sell through eBay to the buyer. Finding time to meet her with my schedule will be a hurdle but, we will work it out.

Over the holidays, my husband who rarely discusses the decor of our home mentioned finding a three piece end table and coffee table set. I’ve been hoping to run across a barter through The Pawning Planners and did with a beautiful wrought iron set. The problem? Both end tables were missing the glass. Knowing the coffee table glass would be by far more expensive to replace, I took it on the chin and found replacement glass for both end tables for $60. The coffee table glass was perfect and to replace it would have been easily over $200.

When you barter and/or flip items, you quickly learn the cost of refurbishing or replacing parts. The coffee table weighed a ton but, my son came to help me to save the expense of involving movers. Nothing in my home really “matches.” I’m a collector of things that pique my interest and perhaps because of this, the other coffee table had never really fit in.

My husband had decided that “while I know you’ve put time into that piece staining and sanding, I don’t believe it fits the house. Since I never chime in on things around here, I’m chiming in that I’d like you to find a matching set for the main living area. We have three other living areas but, we spend the most time in the front.”

It’s so rare for Matthew to throw his two cents in that I suggested just buying a set. A trip to Dillard’s opened Matthews eyes to just how expensive “claw and ball foot” furniture actually is. While our home has many heavy and unique pieces that feature ball and claw or even my King Henry desk, finding heavy Baroque furniture “to match the rest of the house” is not only quite expensive but also difficult to do. We couldn’t find anything my husband really liked or approved of and what we did find was ridiculously expensive at $600 and up for an end table alone.

I decided to sell the other coffee table that “didn’t fit our home” and listed it on FB Marketplace. Although Matthew didn’t believe anyone would buy it, I sold it at a nice profit within 24 hours. My husband didn’t think it would be picked up on the curb much less that I would find a buyer but, my husband isn’t in the flipping business. He’s in the land development business. My husband can look at a field and see a beautiful development. I see a field, weeds and poison ivy. We have completely different views and experience. I could never develop a field and he could never flip a piece of furniture. We are Compensating personalities.

Leaving WorthamWorld at 8:30AM to head to Tarrant County Green Bay Facility to meet my client this morning, I scheduled a meeting at 2PM to sell the other coffee table that my husband had never really liked. I loved it because it was found and perfectly fit with my custom Bassett half moon sofa. The sofa was also a flip through a The Pawning Planners. If my husband had any idea how much the Bassett sofa actually sells for, he’d be shocked. Matthew just doesn’t understand why furniture is so expensive but, quality furniture is expensive. It’s meant to be bought once and last for years.

My husband has picked out one piece of furniture in our entire home. It’s his recliner. It’s an inexpensive piece of furniture and after just two years, the fabric is tearing. Matthew loves it. The recliner in my opinion is an eyesore. I hate it. I want to have it reupholstered. He doesn’t want to be without it. It’s an ongoing battle. The fabric matches nothing in our house. His end table is overflowing with all sorts of things. It’s “his area.” I leave the area alone. Three years ago, this request for a recliner caught me off guard but, if my husband wanted a recliner, how could I refuse?

I’ve talked to many brides and grooms who such it up with items they don’t want their new partner to bring into their home but, I never knew I was one of them myself until the recliner request. If I could just reupholster it, I know I could blend it in somewhat but, my husband won’t be without it. We are at a crossroads. Matthew is winning. His “new to him” end table and coffee table set thrilled him though and although matching tables aren’t important to me, they are apparently important to him. All is well that ends well. The recliner war though…rolls on.

Pulling up to Green Bay Unit, I text my client and find that she’s arrived early as well. I move my SUV to park beside her and she hops in going over what’s going to happen and what to expect. She looks beautiful in cowboy boots and a dress and she’s excited to finally be marrying. I like her off the bat.

I answer a few calls from Bridgeport and Ferguson Unit clients before firming up my 2PM appointment to meet the buyer for my other coffee table. Walking in, my client is thrilled she found me and the process isn’t nearly as complicated as she had assumed. Jail weddings are significantly easier than Prison Weddings.

I’m now doing an equal mix of jail and prison weddings since my father is no longer handling county jail weddings. I have decided to talk to my son and niece, Leigh Ann about taking on more county jail weddings due to my schedule.

Leaving Green Bay Unit to wait on my client, my son called to see if I was available for lunch? Since I was and needed help picking up the coffee tables and end tables, I had the luxury of spending a few hours with my son that I rarely have. We enjoyed a nice lunch and went over why I can’t be everywhere all of the time. My son has been handling traditional clients and a few jail weddings but the county jail wedding requests are literally pouring in.

After picking up the new to us set, my son and I headed to Vital Records to file a stack of marriage licenses including Green Bay Unit. I file licenses Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week in person. I don’t trust the mail with legal documents.

Headed back to WorthamWorld to meet my 2PM buyer and my 3PM Bridgeport client, my son agrees to take on more business for county jail weddings. I’m relieved about this because quite frankly, I need another hand to address short notice requests. My schedule is already booked out. Juggling clients from Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham, Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners, venues that I’m on staff at and county jail requests as well as meeting or delivering sold items for Texas Twins Treasures leaves me with very little time.

Since my niece, Stephaney is still a patient at JPS/LCA, visits to the Psych Ward roll on. My twin sister and I are so tired of visiting family members in mental institutions that I cannot even begin to describe how overwhelmed we are trying to juggle work and family. It’s emotionally exhausting to put on a happy face and walk into a visit for both of us. I’m hoping this is Stephaney’s last “visit” but, who knows, it’s her 13th involuntary commitment in the past 15 months. I remain hopeful that my niece will get it together but warily realize that another setback may lurk right around the corner. I cannot predict my niece. I’ve never been able to.

After years of disliking my husband’s recliner in favor of my Antique club chair and ottoman, I’m actually considering getting one myself. Taking one for the team? Maybe but, my husband loves that recliner and perhaps it would be more comfortable that my stylish set? I’m considering it.

I’ve had a number of detours the last year that no one could have expected. From my father being involuntarily committed to my niece, Stephaney and her revolving door of impatient stays, trying to anticipate what lies ahead for my dad or my niece is beyond my control. Their fate is also behind my twin sisters control too. We are lost in a land that we cannot understand.

Thankfully, our work and our clients keep our minds occupied and we have no idle time to sit and worry. I’m glad my husband is pleased with his “matching set” in our main living area although I think the coffee table is a bit too big.

I hate to say goodbye to my magnificent Baroque set but, for the right price, I’m willing to see this set go to a forever home. My husband thinks I’m a furniture hoarder but, the truth is that I love beautiful pieces whether they are comfortable or not. Carved wood, elegant lines and ornate details thrill me. I’m in love with the furniture I could never find in a store. The Treasures left in a barn or back room always grab my attention. I see what they could be and I put the investment in them to bring them back to life.

Yes, I will always hate saying goodbye as I did today to my other coffee table but, the buyer was thrilled with the piece and loved it off the bat. There’s always another treasure to refurbish and I’m looking forward to meeting my next Pawning Planners client with Cindy next week. There’s a barn full of unwanted items and we are ready to go “dig through some trash and find a treasure.”