Why Wendy Wortham Created An Inventory of Floral Designs To Loan Clients of Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners…

Wedding photos without flowers wouldn’t be the same and wedding flowers are very expensive for a “family on a budget.”  

When my son married five years ago, I made all of the bouquets, boutenniers, corsages and centerpieces myself to save money using “Real Touch” flowers.  It was not an easy task but after successfully undertaking it- I realized my knack for creating beautiful designs that can be used over and over again thus saving money for our clients by loaning them floral designs.

Leigh Ann Blais With Her Mother, Cindy Daniel & Husband, Alex Blais Floral Designs by Wendy Wortham When my niece, Leigh Ann married, I designed a cascading waterfall bouquet because the top portion of her wedding gown was so beautiful that I didn’t want a standard bouquet detracting from it.  I’m OCD and think of “little things” that probably wouldn’t occur to most floral vendors.  By using silk flowers, I’m able to tear apart and rebuild designs over and over again.

Photography Courtesy Of Texas Twins Events Team Robert & Stephanie Hafele

Hundreds of families have been thrilled upon learning that “I’ve thought of everything” to make their Dream Event not only affordable but beautiful too!

Wendy Wortham- We do chair bows too!
Cindy Daniel with Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Stephanie Hafele & Wendy Wortham

From start to finish- I’ve planned and executed everything for a budget wedding that on a few occasions included even loaning a wedding dress to Brides because I understand the struggle to afford “extras.”  Overcoming the issues was never easy- buying the flowers and creating the designs took years for me to “build my inventory.”

Wendy Wortham Owner & Minister of Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners & Texas Twins Treasures

My Texas Twins Events Team and I “go the extra mile” for a very basic reason- we understand the plight of consumers who have nowhere else to turn and are committed to exceeding our clients expectations.  When families can’t afford photos- we gift them to ensure that our clients have lifelong memories of their Dream Event.

I’m often asked why we go to such great lengths to overcome everything that stands in the way of folks who are on a tight budget.  My answer is simple, I’ve been where you are struggling to give my son a beautiful affair while my husband was unemployed for three years following the real estate crash in 2007.

I quickly realized that everything from the wedding dress to the flowers to the photos was an incredibly expensive endeavor!

Finding ways to “get around” the expenses involved was my way of creating a unique and diverse business that caters to families and puts their needs ahead of profit.

Today as I prepare to meet a couple marrying in the Botanic Garden and picking up a wedding dress being “donated to my cause,” I realize that while many folks might be confused as to why I started this business to give the gift of hope for any family regardless of their income, I made the right decision.

Robert & Stephanie Hafele Floral Designs by Wendy Wortham
My Texas Twins Events Team are now loading up the suv’s for another Dream Event so I’m off to check my list and go over last minute details but, I will always try to address your inquiries quickly which is why I’m writing this blog today for a reader who was wondering how “this business got started?”

“Little Pawner” Maryssa Mahaney Models Pawning Planners Tshirt “Not My Luggage Not My Trip” #Cindyism Tshirt
Wendy M Wortham


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