Why Bling Is The New Black- Custom Brooch Bouquets By Wendy Wortham…

For over twenty years I’ve been creating floral designs. My experience comes in handy because every year I create two full lines of bouquets and bouteniers to loan Pawning Planners Clients for their Event with two options of colors.  It’s not widely known that 90% of Pawning Planners Clients borrow floral designs and 40-50% of Texas Twins Events Clients do too.  

I’m the only Event Vendor that “loans” Inventory. My reasons for going to the trouble and expense are based on the knowledge that not everyone can easily afford a beautiful event with all of the trimmings.  I changed that and made beautiful events accessible by creating an inventory to loan.Saving clients money is unheard of in this industry but, my plan to change the wedding and events industry one family at a time was enlightening to say the least.  

Over a thousand families later, we now have two photography teams and two Units of Inventory to loan to booked clients.While other vendors laughed at creating a People Over Profit based Event Business, my unique idea exploded.  What other vendors failed to realize was that 90% of consumers are living paycheck to paycheck.  For these families, $3k-10k for an event is something they could never afford.  My desire to find these families and help them is the main reason we stay busy because they now find us! 

To generate more revenue, I decided to add custom bouquets for sale to clients who could afford to buy their own flowers.  My twin sister, Cindy “comes up” with Inspirational Quotes used on Pawning Planners Apparel while also helping me craft Brooch bouquets for sale, meet Clients and joins me on our daily adventures with Pawning Planners Clients trying to barter their event services.  

We stay busy year round and have a few creative requests now and again.  From the stripper who wanted a baby shower because she couldn’t work in her condition to the lady that wanted a fence party because her fence had fallen down to another young woman who wanted a birthday party because she had grown up poor and never had one, I have never turned anyone away that asked for help.  I believe that by helping anyone that one day they too will be inspired to help others.

Finding families with no money to book through Texas Twins Events or anything of value to barter with through The Pawning Planners, finding ways to create revenue was essential.  Sales of refurbished trades are sold at my eBay storefront, Texas Twins Treasures.  The revenue from my Treasure Chest of items is used to help over 50 families every year.

Since I’ve been asked by clients who’ve seen photos of brides with Brooch bouquets if they can “borrow them,” it should be noted that custom designs are not available for loaning to clients.  These bouquets are for purchase only.  Please allow 6-9 weeks delivery for custom designs.Bling Bouquet orders literally “took off” after a client asked me to create something spectacular for her wedding a few years ago. I was also hired to handle all of the floral designs and coordinate her event.  When others saw her stunning bouquet and asked where she found them, the referral business from Texas to California had Cindy and I knee deep with new orders and clients.Since we live in Texas, Bling became the new Black.  This year, I decided to add color options for brides who wanted to coordinate their bouquets with the wedding colors and now have a wider variety of options.  The best sellers are still white or silver but, the cost points on silk roses and bling are far less expensive.

For more information on custom floral designs that include centerpieces, bouquets and bouteniers, please email me wendy@texastwinsevents.com where you can have your day- your way!

Rev Wendy Wortham