Treasure Hunting & Splitting My Team Up-Travels Of The Texas Twins…

Packing, Planning and Preparation went into this weeks scheduling with my niece Leigh Ann singing at a wedding in San Antonio and my photography team headed to Austin for a wedding. During wedding season, my team of family members often “split up.”

Robert & Stephanie Hafele-Photographers For Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners
  Robert and Stephanie have completely different styles of shooting photos.  Stephanie will take hundreds of shots to keep from missing anything but my son will walk away with a handful of photos because he’s very picky about his photography.  Together though, they make a good team because their photos are incredibly different giving me a wide scale of shots. 
Meanwhile, Cindy and I started our morning with two Appraisal Appointments this week and a client meeting regarding a May wedding in Fort Worth.  This wedding should be interesting because the ceremony will be in the front yard with the reception in the back yard!  

Leigh Ann took the twins with her to babysit Madyson in San Antonio with a day of fun yesterday at Fiesta Texas.  Maryssa and Makenna love spending time with our Latest a Little Pawner, Madyson.

Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney
Maryssa & Madyson
#GirlTrip Makenna, Madyson, Leigh Ann & Maryssa “Hit The Road!”
Latest Little Pawner Madyson Makes An Impression With The Mariachi Band
Cindy and I found a few items that will be listed in the next few weeks but they need extensive refurbishing in my workroom (as usual). 
Stripping and restaining (or painting) furniture often take me several days and humidity can be a real setback on timelines.

I’m Planning To Use Turquoise Chalk Paint & Antique This Piece
After Scrubbing The Rust Off, This Will Be A Festive Sparkled Cherry Red
I’m Undecided On This But Will Decide After Finding New Pulls To Replace Missing Parts
A Quick Dusting & Leather Conditioner Will Bring This Back To Life
Luckily, we were able to use our SUV’s to transport items back to my workroom and storage area.  When possible, we try to keep from renting a box truck due to the expenses involved that affect our “bottom line.”  

I decided to “take a pass” on the seahorse birdbath due to the weight of the item and also the low value of flipping it.  Saying no to a few flips and flops is part of the Pawning Process. Flipping furniture takes time which is why I uploaded this video to walk you through the process-Wendy Wortham Explains Timelines On Furniture Restoration.

 This item was simply too heavy and bulky and at best would bring $15-$20 so it wasn’t worth the time or trouble to take it in trade.  The client placed the value at $90-$125 since she had paid that over 16 years ago but clients often want far more for their items than the actual value and convincing them of this can be a bit of a problem now and then.  Conflict resolution comes in handy when it’s something that we can’t work with but we often find something else on location.

The twins decided to keep the “old school” Atari Game System they found at an Appraisal Appointment last week after their friends told them what a cool system it was-it’s funny how things that are old and outdated can make a come back years later.  The twins love digging for treasure as much as we do at Appraisal Appointments.

Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney Work For Tips & Flips As Flower Girls, Ring Bearers & Ushers At Our Events
I’m often asked how I “come up” with my unique blend of fabric and upholstery combinations, the truth is that I try to work with upholstery that I have on hand and occasionally, buy or barter additional fabric as needed.  Years ago, I mixed fabrics to save money by working with what I had but my designs became so popular that I’ve “stuck with” the concept.

My designs are different intentionally- I create pieces you don’t see everywhere and love using a reverse pattern on cushions with a contrast welt and band.  I want every furniture design to have a personality that sets it apart and makes the piece unique.

I may spend a few days deciding on which fabrics I think will look best and always use a black magic marker to remember which fabric goes where.  

Occasionally, I change my mind as I did on this unique chair.  The polka dot was used on a Berger chair instead because I felt it distracted from the main pattern.  The Berger chair was also stripped because I wasn’t happy with the blue and changed it to the paisley and Leopardo gold.

  Normally, I spend 2-3 days a week in my workroom and enjoy “playing around” with fabrics and stains.  Finished items look nothing like they did when I acquired them and even my home is “eclectic” with mismatched pieces because I don’t like “matchy matchy” designs. 

Maryssa & Makenna At My Home AKA WorthamWorld
Cindy and I look for completely different things at Appraisal Appointments because my sister likes to “quick flip” a trade while I enjoy spending more time on items and investing in the process.  
My storefront offers a true hodge podge of items including previously worn vestments and clothing items-Texas Twins Treasures-Visit My Treasure Chest. 

We never really know what we will find unless the client uploads photos at We Take Trades-The Pawning Planners site.  I use heavy tapestry fabrics on all of my pieces because they are durable and long lasting although they can sometimes be harder to work with, any Texas Twins Treasures furniture item will last and last because I don’t “cheap out” when it comes to restoring an item.

Explaining how the “Pawning Process” works can be confusing.  It’s not unusual to review emails from folks who think we own a Pawn Shop- we don’t.  The name “Pawning Planners” describes flipping, swapping & trading in exchange for event services and we are actually bartering not buying your items.

Three years ago while having coffee, my son decided to use this video to explain what we do to a friend after admitting that  describing my businesses can often be confusing-Wendy & Cindy-What We Do And How We Do It-The Pawning Planners.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me via a Wendy Wortham Website or via email at we appreciate your business and continued support.

Wendy M Wortham