Why Local Pick Up And Free Delivery ARE NOT The Same Thing…

A few days ago while my twin sister was in the hospital, a notification from Paypal alerted me that an item had sold from my eBay Store, Texas Twins Treasures. 

As usual when a furniture item is involved, I checked the location of the buyer. The buyer was over 5 hours from my location in Fort Worth, Texas. The buyer also had a feedback of less than 10 which gave me a “heads up” that they most likely were unaware that local pick up means they travel to my location. I then sent a message through eBay giving my location details.

Due to the distance, I also checked my schedule to upcoming prison locations in Texas. I knew (warily) this buyer most likely didn’t plan to drive to Fort Worth. How? I’ve been selling on eBay since 2009 and unless you live in Fort Worth or Dallas,  planning to drive to my location almost never occurs to buyers who confuse free shipping and local pick up. To work with this buyer, I offered to bring the Bombay trunks to Connally Unit. The message below was sent when no response to my addresss and location was left unanswered by the buyer. So, I sent another message. 

“I just realized your distance from me and I’m going to Connally Unit on Sept 17 which is within an hour and a half of you. If meeting me would be more convenient, I can arrange to do so while I’m at Connally. I don’t have an Austin Unit on my schedule yet but may be traveling to Travis State Jail this month which would be closer to your location. Let me know if you prefer to use local pick up and I will either meet you or try to schedule a meeting near one of my TDCJ Units if that would work better for you. I can also check freight prices. Driving to Parker and Palo Pinto Units today, I’m now hauling around trunks to go get freight quotes? I’m bending over backwards to try to accommodate a buyer who thinks getting three freight quotes is “convenient.” It isn’t. From this point forward, if you want freight quotes, I will send you the dimensions and approximate weight so YOU can find and secure your own shipper. 

Packaging and freight are two separate expenses. Freight companies do not offer “free packaging.” Packing materials are generally at the buyers expense. But, I realized my buyer would appreciate me finding affordable shipping. I know I would if I had bought something from someone else. 

Packaging and freight are at the buyers expense. Please be aware that while I try to work with everyone that freight is incredibly expensive and recognize that both eBay and Paypal have fees. It’s not free to me to sell on eBay. It isn’t free to anyone to sell on EBay. In fact, their fees and their policies continue to get more ridiculous but, when you barter, you need selling outlet. 

UPS packed the items (for a fee) and shipped them for far less than the other box and ship businesses I located. I went ahead and shipped at my own expense and emailed the buyer that I would split shipping and packing costs.

Thankfully, my buyer was honest and sent half the freight expenses through PayPal. Communication is key to overcoming problems. I’m happy to find a way to get an item to you…