Mercado Event Center To Hodge Unit To Wellbridge To A Dallas Delivery For Texas Twins Treasures…

It’s not all that unusual for me to be driving around with a piece of furniture from my storefront in the back of my SUV or boxes of bouquets. If my wheels aren’t turning- I’m not earning.

Between trying to solve issues with my dad that include a raccoon infestation at his house and his subsequent stay at Wellbridge for a psychiatric evaluation, juggling client meetings, delivering sold items and traveling to Texas Prisons to Officiate weddings with my dad having issues has made the last two weeks a real life escapade of surprises.

Cindy and I went to see dad yesterday and today at the new location. The problem that got him into this situation was a family of raccoons living in his attic. 

Dad decided to use his 38 to shoot at the ceiling and the current situation of an Involuntary Commitment has left us in a bit of a pickle but, my dad was in good spirits today and laughing about his group therapy and recreation that included bouncing a beach ball to the other patients. 

I’ve never seen my dad laugh so hard and he will certainly have many stories to tell about his unexpected visit to a Psychiatric Center because he thought shooting the sounds driving him crazy was a good idea. 

Cindy and I brought him clothes and toiletries yesterday and he’s settling in nicely which helps. 

Between visiting dad and trying to get my niece back on her medication, Cindy and I had three Appraisal Appointments this week and two deliveries for Texas Twins Treasures with three Prison Weddings I stacked at the same unit to have July 4th off with my husband tomorrow.  

Mercado Event Center was a new venue that I hadn’t heard of until getting a call for an Officiant last week. Since I’m on staff at numerous venues as well as taking on clients through The Pawning Planners, Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham and Texas Twins Events, it’s not uncommon for me to be booked at a venue that I haven’t been to before. In fact, it happens all of the time.Getting back into my SUV and double checking with a client on the time frame to deliver a Baroque chair that I decided to paint gold and add leopard upholstery to, Cindy and I hit the Starbucks for a non fat latte and took a call from my TDCJ Client regarding Hodge Unit. 

The chair sold quickly and I’m guessing because it was so different. I love using animal print tapestries and often mix Coordinating prints but decided to stick with one fabric on this flipped trade.

My phone never stops ringing. Yesterday I squeezed in a call from Sharp Entertainment regarding TDCJ Clients interested in applying for Love After Lockup Season Two. 

Not surprisingly, Lindsay thought that I only do Texas Prison Weddings but, I don’t. From Texas to Arkansas and other locations, Inmate Weddings are a part of my schedule but far from the only client base I have. 

For two years, I’ve been Officiating Texas Prison or Jail Weddings but, long before that, I’ve been flipping items at Texas Twins Treasures. Since 2009, my designs have sold worldwide and working as a TwinTeam, my sister and I created Texas Twins Events a few years after Texas Twins Treasures.

Explaining how we manage to barter event services including Texas Prison Wedding Ceremonies can be a complicated discussion. But, “the bartering option of The Pawning Planners” is actually an extension option for anyone contacting us for event services that can’t afford to pay for services.

Nearly four years ago, I created The Pawning Planners to address requests from prospects claiming to have no money but wanting free services. Had my sister and I not have been experienced appraisers at buying, trading or flipping items, bartering would have never worked. Why? You can easily lose money on a flip, swap or trade. Don’t let the tv shows fool you into thinking that you always make a lucrative flip. Nobody wins all of the time regardless of how good you are at spotting a treasure among some trash.

I spent about thirty minutes giving Lindsay a few names of my previous Brides and Grooms along with a few LBGT Prison Couples. Not everyone is interested in having their relationship on tv. It’s not uncommon for a few clients to ask me not to publish photos on my sites. Privacy for a TDCJ Client is an option that I honor. Because of this, I never publish full names of TDCJ Clients in order to keep their identities somewhat private. 

Everyday is different for my sister and I as well as three generations of my family because I delegate or regularly “bump” clients to my family when Cindy and I are booked elsewhere. 

My father normally handles County Jail Weddings along with my niece, Leigh Ann my son, Robert or my stepdaughter, Anne. The reason for this is my schedule. I can’t take on new clients Inmate Officiant or short notice requests because I’m already booked. 

County Jail Weddings don’t require the same stringent guidelines of Texas Department of Criminal Justice Prison Weddings. I’m the only TDCJ Approved Officiant on my team. 

Because of this, I rarely take on a County Jail Wedding and often “bump it” to someone else on the team instead due to my schedule of TDCJ Weddings and Client Bookings from Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners. 

The difference between a Officiating a County Jail Wedding and TDCJ State Jail Wedding are important. Only a Texas Department Of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Approved Officiant can conduct a ceremony at a State Jail. 

Any Officiant can conduct a ceremony at a County Jail which is why any of my other five Officiants can accommodate a County Jail Officiant Request for services.

A state jail facility is run by, or under contract to, the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). A state jail facility is really not a jail. It is actually a minimum security prison facility, although it is not officially called that.

There is no one in a state jail facility who is awaiting trial, like in a county jail. Everyone in TDCJ custody is convicted, and serving a sentence.

A state jail felony is a non-violent fourth degree felony, with a sentence of 180 days to two years.

The TDCJ unit directory page lists all correctional facilities operated by, or under contract to, the state.
For a list of TDCJ Units in Texas, Click this link– Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Prisons.

When appraising a prospective trade, Cindy and I travel to the home of anyone wanting to barter event services. These meetings are referred to as Appraisal Appointments. 

Only Cindy and I make the decision to “pull the trigger” on whether a trade will work or not. My son, my niece, my stepdaughter, my dad or anyone else are never involved on the bartering end of Event Services. I write the checks and therefore, make the Rules on bartered Events. 

Due to the number of questions regarding bartering Texas Prison Weddings, I made a video explaining the process on my YouTube Channel to better explain how an Appraisal Appointment works to complete the barter in exchange for your event service. Here’s the link–Wendy Wortham Explains Bartering Event Services Through The Pawning Planners.

Splitting up at Appraisal Appointments, I’m looking for larger pieces that often include antiques or collectibles. Cindy is looking for smaller items of jewelry, designer glasses, handbags and other items. By splitting up, we cover more ground quickly. An Appraisal Appointment generally takes 1-2 hours.

Appraisal Appointments are scheduled at least a month prior to the requested event date. Why? To give us time to refurbish and flip the item prior to the event and recover expenses.

Last February, I had a call regarding a wedding at TDCJ Hodge Unit from the Chaplain. The problem? I had no one on my books for a Hodge Unit Wedding. 

Calling the Chaplain, I double checked my phone records. Because I talk to numerous people for event services and maybe because I’m OCD, I keep amazing records of not only who I’ve talked to or quoted but also, who has emailed me or sent a text. 

I had spoken to a woman regarding a wedding at Hodge Unit last December but, she hadn’t paid a deposit or signed a contract with me and therefore, wasn’t a client. 

I advised her that she had used my name to obtain a wedding date at Hodge Unit without my permission or consent. I also told her that without a deposit and balance paid at least one week prior to the event date, I wouldn’t be performing her ceremony. 

What happened next was the usual round of “I will pay you next month. I just started a new job. I can’t afford to pay a deposit.” This happens more than anyone realizes but, I’m not driving nearly four hours one way to Officiate a TDCJ Wedding without being paid up front. 

After trying to explain why I won’t, I called the Chaplain and canceled the Wedding. Chaplain’s realize that if someone has used my name to get a date without actually hiring me that I’m not going to show up. 

Luckily, I will have no such problems with my beautiful bride Mia and her handsome groom Rodney at TDCJ Hodge Unit next month. Mia is excited and I’m happy to see Chaplain Edlyn for this wedding. I’m all over Texas the next few months and back at Estes, Stiles, Polunsky, Michael, Beto and Ferguson Unit so we are more than a little prepared for more road trips, rest areas and adventures.

Texas Prison Weddings put thousands of miles on my SUV. I’m not a volunteer and if you can’t afford to get married, you shouldn’t. 

I’ve heard so many sad luck stories in my life that advising someone of why they can’t afford to get married isn’t a rare occurrence. In fact, it’s a conversation I have with Texas Prison Wedding Clients on a regular basis.

Photography at Units is courtesy of the guards. Unit Photos are $3 each in quarters. Don’t expect perfect photos at TDCJ Units. Guards aren’t professional photographers. 

Many folks calling me for a TDCJ Wedding at a Texas Prison assume that I don’t have other clients on my roster but, I do. I limit TDCJ bookings to 15 weddings a month in order to accommodate my other existing clients. If you are contacting me mid month, you are bumped to the following month.

Transportation to your TDCJ Wedding is at your own expense. This should be self explanatory but for everyone contacting me for a bid and expecting that quote to include picking you up and taking you to the Unit along with driving you home again before returning to my own home, I’m going to suggest a transportation company that travels to Units seven days a week at your own expense. 

Delivery for sold items at Texas Twins Treasures isn’t free. If you want you item delivered, expect to pay for it.

Working deliveries into my existing schedule also means that I set the delivery date and time not the buyer.

If the item requires a box truck, the fee involved will be added to the standard $75 delivery fee.

Pick up of bartered items taken in trade through The Pawning Planners will be discussed at your Appraisal Appointment.

Photography for your event service has two options. A team consisting of my son and daughter in law or one photographer, my niece. 

Photography is not free or complimentary. A complimentary disc of your photos is a courtesy but, you are expected to pay for your photographer or photographers.

Loaned items that include ring pillows, centerpieces, Bouquets, Bouteniers, cake stands, columns, champagne flutes, or other property owned by Wendy Wortham are for booked clients of Texas Twins Events or The Pawning Planners as a courtesy. If you are not a Client of Texas Twins Events or The Pawning Planners– I do not loan inventory to you. Period.

Last year, I had a production company executive tell me that Prison Weddings were “controversial.” Well, years ago, LBGT Weddings were considered controversial. I don’t consider myself to be controversial but, I’m open minded and enjoy a variety of clients from all walks of life. Rich or Poor, gay or straight, interfaith of interracial, marrying a Prisoner or marrying a businessman, no two clients are alike.

Maybe because my client base is so varied, a few people are surprised when trolling around on Texas Twins Events. Digging further, they often see the barter option of The Pawning Planners. Yes, I realize that this many options aren’t offered on anyone else’s site and I’m “different.” The truth is that I wasn’t trying to be like anyone else and therefore, don’t fit into a box.

I don’t take every trade because I can’t. If the item you are submitting for consideration holds no value for me, I decline your barter and direct you to Texas Twins Events. 

If you are wanting us to consider bartering your Texas Prison Wedding Officiant Service, you must live within two hours of Fort Worth. My reasons for this are travel time, expenses, existing clients and my commitments to a very burdened schedule…