Eclectic Inventory At My Storefront Comes From A Wide Array Of Locations…

My twin sister, Cindy Daniel is often featured on Say Quotable.  Her #Cindyism Quotes are used on our Pawning Planners Apparel clothing line.  

Sales from Pawning Planners Apparel fund families with no money to book through Texas Twins Events and no trade to barter through The Pawning Planners.  

Finding a way to generate revenue and sponsor clients wasn’t inexpensive or easy.  For years, I covered all expenses of sponsored families myself which cost me thousands of dollars.  

My sister and I sat down one day and discussed the possibility of using her hilarious and honest “observations” of life on a clothing line.  

This new twist in our journey to change the wedding and events industry one family at a time gave my pocketbook a break while sales of Pawning Planners Apparel boomed worldwide. Cindy is hilarious and I’m serious because we are Compensating Personality twins.Clients can customize their tees or caps by either googling #Cindyism or going to Cindy’s blog sites or even using Say Quotable.  

Please allow 14 days for custom designs.  I’m adding a list of her latest #Cindyism Quotes to give you a better example of her Redneck Granny Wisdom.I’m often asked why there are so many different items for sale at Texas Twins Treasures but, the reason is that many items were taken in trade through The Pawning Planners in exchange for event services.  

Much of the time, these items went through a complete restoration prior to being listed. The reason for this is that I won’t sell anything that I wouldn’t buy.  

Since many of the people contacting me either want me to reupholster their old furniture taken in trade, it should be noted that I’m not an upholsterer, I pay an upholsterer to refurbish my items using the finest of tapestry fabrics imported from abroad.  Because of this, I don’t sell my fabrics because the average consumer has no idea what silk loomed tapestry costs and that there is often a minimum purchase involved.  

Many of my fabrics are well over $200 a yard.  As you might guess, people wanting me to sell fabric have no idea of this and suggest prices of $20-$30 a yard.  I’m not rich and cannot give away fabric.  

My eclectic mix of items for sale include not only Pawning Planners Apparel but also refurbished furniture and other items taken in trade including pre owned vestments or chasubles. 

Items that won’t fit in a priority box don’t include free shipping although I’m happy to meet your freight company.  Yes. From jewelry to antiques, our storefront is an interesting “mix” of oddities including hand carved antiques, vintage Taxco jewelry and a range of other items. Being creative and successful at my initial endeavor to offer low cost photography, Officiants, Event Coordination, religious services and ceremonies as well as a host of just about any creative Request including Texas Prison Weddings, my “journey” was often unpredictable and far from inexpensive.  

I had no sponsors and eight years ago, no connections in the events industry.  To successfully make Texas Twins Events work when everyone contacted me and claimed to have no money, I merged Texas Twins Treasures and Texas Twins Events to create The Pawning Planners and offer bartered event services and ceremonies.  

People claiming to have no money, underwent a visit from my sister and I to see for ourselves.  These visits are referred to as Appraisal Appointments and give us a far better idea of whether a client is worthy of being sponsored out of pocket or not.  If we can’t find anything of value- we do their event or request for free. 

I also created an inventory to loan to clients who cannot afford to provide their own “extras.”  Complimentary photography is offered to TDCJ Prison Wedding Clients as a courtesy.  My reason for this is that guards are not professional photographers.Since many friends or family wanting to accompany or attend Prison Weddings are not allowed to come to the ceremony, their family wait for us near the Unit and the impromptu photo shoots take place after leaving the Unit.

I also offer brooch bouquets for sale and often provide custom centerpieces to loan for Clients from my inventory when they can’t provide it themselves. Last night a TDCJ Prison Bride asked if she could bring her child to TDCJ Beto Unit.  The answer is no.  You cannot bring a friend or relative without clearance from the unit.  

You cannot bring a ring, change of clothes, music or anything else either.  The only items you are allowed to bring are your photo ID, three dollars in quarters if you want photos at the Unit and your marriage license.

Today, I’m headed to TDCJ George Beto Unit after dropping off a sold loveseat from Texas Twins Treasures.  If you are located in DFW and the item will fit in my SUV, delivery is $75.  

I’m apprehensive about tomorrow’s wedding at TDCJ Estes Unit for good reason.  I’ve never met the bride but, in picking her up at the Greyhound Bus Station and driving her to the unit. We have never met before and she’s decided to have me sing a song she’s chosen since she can’t bring music into the unit.  

Picking someone up is unusual but, she doesn’t drive.  A few months ago, I literally hitched a ride home from a unit after taking a bus there myself due to icy roads.  

Singing a song when I’m not a singer should be interesting and definitely stressful but, Lutniva is looking forward to spending the day with me and no, I’m not scared about having a stranger in my SUV although many readers have asked.  

The reason for this is that I’ve never feared for my safety and frequently drive a bride or Groom to a unit in my vehicle.  I’m also frequently asked if my sister and I are scared going into a strangers house for an Appraisal Appointment.  

Occasionally based on the location but, I’m never alone at Appraisal Appointments and, we are trying to help families no one else is willing to help.  Because of this, hurting us is the last thing these families want to do.  We are occasionally shocked at a few homes of hoarders but, never scared.

Finding a treasure among trash isn’t an easy task.  Making Texas Twins Events, Texas Prison Weddings, Texas Twins Treasures and The Pawning Planners all work together wasn’t easy.  

It took passion, perseverance and determination but, I accomplished the task because my family joined me on a unique journey to make event services affordable to anyone which was always my primary goal.  I wanted these families to have the beautiful event that I’ve never had.  Maybe that makes me different but, I’ve never tried to be like anyone else….